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#5281: STRAIGHT TO ELEVEN!!!!!111one-one: Part II!

Another one today. This time, lady was in an out-of-control panic over her cell phone bill being higher than usual. The main difference was an international calling feature which had been inadvertently left on. This bill wasn't as high as last month's, or May's, bills were, but it! was! a! CRISIS!

People like that just make me tired. Look: we can fix it. You don't need to panic. No one's going to die of this. (Unless you give yourself a heart attack.)

Like yesterday's. Holy smokes, guy, relax. Stop taking so much speed and slow down already.

Anyway, I get out of work late (which didn't bother me because I got to work late) and step outside into a friggin' steam bath. It wasn't that hot and muggy when I went to lunch! And it's raining! My glasses fog up immediately and I head out to the rain that was so warm I've taken showers that were cooler. Usually I react to the cold rain hitting my skin, but this rain wasn't even cool. If you jumped into a swimming pool that was at that temperature, it'd feel too warm. Tepid, even.

Drove home with epic lightning all around me. Beat the weather home, but if the radar is any guide it's not going to reach the bunker anyway. Once again, the weather broke and went around on both sides. Heh.

* * *

I, too, think Hillary has a strategy for hiding her focal seizures because they happen a lot. There's no shame in having focal seizures--there are drugs to help prevent them--but if it were general knowledge some people would hesitate to vote for her.

* * *

Return to the gold standard. Your big fancy socialism will have to go, though, because you can't print gold.

* * *

Even more interesting: on my way home, there was one quarter-mile stretch where the Jeep's windows fogged up on the outside. I'm used to that happening in summertime when I have the AC on, but only in spots--like the bottom center of the windshield, near the defroster vent. Today it was fogging up all over, so bad I had to keep the wipers on in order to be able to see, and the side windows were, too!

That was some damned supersaturated air, let me tell you.

* * *

I fell asleep fast last night. I was laying in bed, trying to organize my thoughts--as usual, fiddling with a story before going to sleep--and instead I just went klonk before I'd even gotten this experiment's setting established. I was tired.

I'd hoped that this stupidity of having to get up at 7 AM to be work at 9 AM only on Saturday and Sunday would come to an end with the reshuffle. That's what my old sup told us at the last time we had a gathering (which was an informal pizza lunch in a conference room). But no; it continues.

$5 says there's no team meeting tomorrow. That'll make it four weeks since I went to one, even though we're supposed to have them weekly. At least weekly. Well, with no supervisor, what do you expect?

Still no sign of the new sup, either. Reportedly she's "out" for some unspecified reason, so we occasionally have a temp sup "until [Sup] comes back".

Here's an idea: why don't we promote one of the team leads to sup and stick this absentee sup in some other role until she comes back? That seems like a better idea than leaving a half dozen people without a supervisor. Certainly it's not fair to us, to be left hanging without any support most of the time, forcing us to go to other teams to ask their supervisor to help us with problems or payments or the like. Also because we don't get coachings or other regular feedback like we're supposed to.


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