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#5282: It is actually a felony!

News program Mrs. Fungus was watching said "It is actually a felony to steal cooking oil, but that is not stopping a burgeoning black market."

Do tell.

So what you're saying is, even if you make something illegal, people will still do it?

But we need to outlaw firearms? And that will stop violence?

* * *

French priest killed by white Republicans.

Dastardly baptists! How dare they!

We know this was not a muslim terror attack because it happened in Japan where they have very strict controls on islam. This was just a sick asshole, as opposed to a sick asshole muslim.

* * *

Speaking of sick assholes-- The DNC is already full of gaffes and stupidity, as we knew it would be. So the DNC replaces its chair a bare week before the convention. The replacement forgets to gavel in the convention. Bernie Boos. Replacing delegates because there are too many men. And:
The Bernies have set up tent cities throughout Philadelphia as hubs of protest. At one tent city in North Philadelphia, a plot has been hatched to feed all of the Bernie-supporting delegates who visit the camp lots of baked beans before they go into the arena, so that they can unleash a methane wrath on everyone else. This plan is called "The Fart-In."
All of this will be played as "lively debate" and the media will pretend this is all emblematic of a healthy political party.

* * *

Iron boils at 5,184 degrees but 2,960° is well past its point of fusion, if I'm not mistaken. (Yep, 2,800° is where it melts.) So yeah, I'd expect there to be nothing left of Cave Creek. Heh.

* * *

Apparently white privilege doesn't extend to playing basketball? Or something?

* * *

So, Sunday night, Mrs. Fungus and I were trying to find a movie to watch. She wanted something scary, so she was flipping through that genre, and kept seeing Leprechaun 2, over and over again.

"How many times did they make Leprechaun 2?" She asked me incredulously.

"Approximately forty," I replied, deadpan.

"AHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA THAT'S FUNNY!" And she proceeded to laugh about it all through the movie we ended up watching, Invasion of the Body Snatchers from 1978, which was all right.

* * *

So, last Wednesday, we had ham for dinner.

We got the ham sometime last year, on sale, and threw it into the chest freezer. I finally remembered to get it out last Saturday or Sunday, and put it in the fridge to thaw. Wednesday I put it into the oven, discovered I had no aluminum foil to cover it with, and let it bake for three hours. The outside blackened a bit but it came out delicious, and we proceeded to eat leftovers for three days.

Sunday night, then, I made ham and cheese sandwiches, and pared all the economically recoverable meat from the hock; then I put the hock into water with a 15-bean soup mix (minus the flavor packet), a chopped onion, some garlic, and some pepper, and let it simmer all night long. Turned it off before work; when I got home from work Monday night I pulled out the bones and the fat, shredded the meat, heated it back up, and had some soup; but rather than shut it off, I let it simmer for a few more hours. Cooled it overnight, and when I got up to hit the can this morning I put the now-tepid soup into the fridge. And after getting up for good today I skimmed off the now-solidified grease, and heated up another bowl of the stuff.

Delicious, of course. But to my surprise it needed salt. Ham and bean soup needed salt. What is this world coming to?

I find it amazing that I can make soup--delicious, hearty soup--from scratch. Especially without doing anything more complicated than throwing stuff into a pot and turning the stove on. Of course it's not like making soup is rocket science or anything, but you do need to know your way around a kitchen to do it.


* * *

I love people who call me and tell me they don't want to pay so much each month, but they also don't want to give up anything. What they're asking for is for me to give them free shit.

When I give you your options, they're not going to change just because you say to me, "Well, I guess I'll have to consider going to another carrier...."

Her options were as follows:
1) Keep going as-is and maybe incur a data overage.
2) Move to a higher data tier and pay $10 more per month.
3) Examine strategies for limiting her data use and moving to a lower data tier to save money.
Of course she didn't like any of these options, hence "I'm going to look at other carriers." She was on-track to remain under her data limit for the month--her usage was pretty consistent--and her primary complaint was that she gets text notifications that she's nearing her data limit every month. "My bill keeps going up and up!" Her bill does not keep going up and up; it's been consistent and her data plan hadn't changed since April or May.

I don't know. Somehow I have developed an instinct for detecting when someone wants to get free stuff. Or maybe it's just obvious when you deal with it all day every day.

* * *

Well, got some chores, as usual. Better get after 'em.

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