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#5283: I'm so glad the Olympics aren't here

They're in Rio, and they suck.

Now: if the Olympics had come to Chicago, the only story here would be the crime; the rest of it--polluted water, crappy living conditions, Zika mosquitos--wouldn't be happening. Of course, Illinois is broke, and the money to build the facilities would have been taken from something important, so I'm glad the Olympics are not here.

This guy has the right idea. Just designate someplace they are held, and leave 'em there.

* * *

IRS is going to investigate the Clinton Foundation. ...and you know what the conclusion of that story will be, so I don't really understand why the IRS is wasting time and money on it.

* * *

When Christianity gets tired of islam, there will be backlash. Christianity has a lot of forebearance and is highly forgiving. But if someone ever asks you "What would Jesus do?" "...remind them that flipping over tables and chasing people with a whip is within the realm of possibility." (Linked for the quote.)

If you think Christians will not rise up and fight back, you are sorely mistaken. It's happened before. It's not going against our religion to do so, either. "Turn the other cheek" is not meant to be a suicide pact. (And Jesus didn't tell us what to do if the other cheek got slapped, but I suspect it's not "All right, now turn the other cheek again!")

Related: Not fit for asylum but we won't send him back to where he came from. Good job, Germany. *rolleyes*

* * *

Big surprise for those of us who have said for years that the press in this country has a decided leftward slant. The mainstream press is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party, and has been for decades. That's why this is the approximate reaction of the left to any news outlet which is, ideologically, to the right of Josef Stalin:

Fox News isn't right-wing; it's just less left-wing than its competitors, more-or-less middle-of-the-road. I don't watch it any more, not since I figured that out--which has been almost eight years now--and when some lefty accuses me of getting all my news from there I just laugh at them.

And if you go to the other link in that post, holy crap do you see some delusional thinking from a NYT editor. "We're tough on everyone!" they claim. The article concludes:
Imagine a country where the greatest, most powerful newsroom in the free world was viewed not as a voice that speaks to all but as one that has taken sides.

Or has that already happened?
Dude, that happened fifty years ago. Longer. The NYT has never been "a voice that speaks to all" and it has always taken sides. Readers see a leftist bias in the NYT because it has a leftist bias.

That bias, and the editorial refusal to recognize it, is why newspapers are dying. Even NYT.

* * *

Gasoline has been edging downward again.

Looking at the news, I see that US refineries have switched to making winter blend gas because there's already enough summer blend at current usage to satisfy demand through the end of summer, and idle machinery costs money. We have, here, a classic glut, and all the trading tricks in the world cannot create demand.

The problem we're facing here is an interesting one. Our domestic production requires that oil cost a certain amount per barrel in order to remain profitable and thus keep producers in the market. But at that price point everyone wants to be in the market, because there are oil deposits all over the world which are cheaper to exploit than ours. (The ones, that is, that we're allowed to exploit by our government. We have billions of barrels of oil we could extract by poking a hole in the ground and getting out of the way, but our government has decided that the animals that live over it are more important.)

It's impossible to have an overabundance of a commodity and sustain it at an artificially high price, at least for very long. So gasoline edges downward towards $2 a gallon again (here in the Fungal Vale) and that's still technically much higher than the price ought to be, given the fundamentals.

Well, it is what it is, isn't it?

* * *

Absolutely no credibility whatsoever.
Bill Clinton went on stage last night to do the impossible -- to humanize the inhuman. Instead of talking about policy and economics, about which he has some credibility, he instead chose to speak of love, commitment, and marriage, about which he has none.
Bill "You better put some ice on that" Clinton, talking about commitment and marriage? Colonel Sanders, chicken, etc.

* * *

Yesterday I figured on getting the oil changed and the tires rotated in our vehicles. Didn't get that done; I got the supplies and then had a bad attack of hypoglycemia, bad enough that I had to drop everything and make dinner first. By the time dinner was done, it was too dark and too late to make noise in the driveway. Argh etc.

None of it's critical, though it should be done sooner rather than later. Got to do spark plugs on Mrs. Fungus' car as well. You can pay $15 each for plugs for that thing; I opted for generic platinum plugs for $3.19 each because I know how much of a performance gain she'd get from the $15 plugs: not enough to be worth it.

Today's weather promises to be good grass cutting weather, though, which does have to be done. The big storms we had on Sunday broke the heat wave, so it's merely hot outside. We're back to "regular summer", which is a big improvement. Last night while we waited for our burgers to grill and our corn on the cob to boil, Mrs. Fungus and I sat on the back patio and enjoyed a little bit of the evening.

That'll do.

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