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#5284: Well, that was nicer than usual.

See, the one benefit to not getting any training at all for an entire month is that when you get to the end of that month, suddenly the training guys realize they have to get it done, and I get a day like today...where I had four hours of training. And AHOD couldn't take it away from us this time because contractual obligation.

The funny part was that I was receiving training (finally) on stuff I've been doing since the middle of the month. "Oh, look!" I had more than one occasion to say today. "Here's the training on XYZ! I know that already!"

It was nice, though, to finally get some training time in. I milked it for everything it was worth, too, because I did not want to go to work today; I wanted to stay home and hide in bed. That extended training session was a Godsend.

* * *

Why are millennials not buying homes? Because homes cost too damned much, forcing them to rent.

* * *

Loved this. Especially this part:
We now have this perfect confluence of absolute fed-upness with all this on the part of a great swath of the country, standing behind a guy who doesn't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut who gets upset by the shit he flings at the libtards. Rather than doing the whole "let’s not be beastly to the commies" vaudeville act the Republicrats have been sickening us with for so many years, we finally have a guy who will actually say, "hey, don't like what I just said? Fuck you, here's more of it. Hope you fucking choke on it."
"So many years" meaning literal decades, ever since 1992 or so.

* * *

NASA can't do it any longer. They just can't build spacecraft. Orion is in its second decade of development and hasn't flown yet.

Meanwhile, Dragon:

...and as I said at the time, that's a privately-owned reusable spacecraft.

* * *

I think that description is apt. "White dwarf with a death ray." And when the beams of radiation from the white dwarf strike the M5-class star it's orbiting, the star gets four times brighter in thirty seconds. Yeesh!

* * *

For the first time in an extremely long one, I am dismayed at the death of an actor. Jerry Doyle played Mr. Garibaldi on Babylon 5. My reaction: "Oh, man, no!"

That sucks.

* * *

Well, time for a little fun before bed.

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