atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5285: I really can't believe it's this cool outside again

It's nice and cool. A week ago, murderously hot; today, cool enough to open the windows. Nice.

* * *

I didn't realize that Zathras died! Here's the thing about Babylon 5: it first aired twenty years ago and it's not terribly surprising that people from the show have died. I'd wager that if you looked at the total cast of the original Star Trek--everyone who ever acted in the show--you'd see a similar list.

But everyone knows that Zathras is supposed to be over 100....

* * *

Get your very own Bill Clinton statue! It's easy and fun! (NSFW warning. Hint: it is not actually a likeness of Bill Clinton.) (I think.)

* * *

Yesterday at work was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Needed a sup to take a payment; sup instead lectured me on how to get the customer to use the app. Needed another sup to take an escalation; sup instead lectured me on how to avoid an escalation.

In the latter case I was gone from my desk so long the customer hung up and two other calls rang through. I was gone from my desk because my team doesn't have a supervisor and there is no floor support and I had to go to the other side of the call center for help. Help which, it turns out, was not coming.

If anyone even tries to take me to task for this I'm going to tear them a new one. Shit.

By the time I got home last night I was fit to be tied. Holy shit was I hot. I was so angry I was still angry when I got to work this morning.

Today, fortunately, was a lot easier than yesterday was. Somehow.

* * *

SpaceX test-fired one of their recovered first stages the other day. They ran it up to full boost to see how it would do, and let it run for the time it would take to boost to orbit. It worked fine. Eventually they'll test-fly a recovered booster to see what happens, and that will also be epic.

* * *

I was thinking, on my way home, about the time I was driving somewhere, and this idiot decided I wasn't going fast enough for him. It had just rained, and I was driving an Escort while he was driving a Mustang GT; and he went screaming around me because I was TOO! SLOW!!!

...and when I got to my off-ramp, there was Mr. Mustang GT with the front of his car poking out of the weeds in the ditch. He'd gone into the corner too hot, oversteered, and slid right off the ramp because it was still wet. I drove right past him, standing by his car and looking bewildered. I successfully quashed the impulse to wave at him.

* * *

Well, it's a nice Saturday evening. Pity I have to go to work tomorrow morning. *sigh*

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