atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5288: Why can't we just go?

Because the feds won't let you.

This is what's wrong with America. You need to get permission before doing something.

* * *

Let's continue the "what's wrong with America?" theme:

Expect health insurance rates to "necessarily skyrocket" thanks to Obamacare. Health insurance in Illinois is set to go up by about 45% in the next year because Obamacare is working as designed and totally ruining the health insurance industry.

"'You can’t sustain a situation where most carriers lose money,'" concludes the article's final sentence, which is a quote from "Katherine Hempstead, a senior adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation." But that assumes that sustainability is the point of all this, which it most emphatically is not; the entire point of Obamacare was to wreck the health insurance industry so that the feds could step in and say, "Well, the only way to fix this is to go to single-payer," and presto! The Democrats get socialized medicine.

If the point had been, rather, actually to ensure that everyone had health insurance, there were a lot of other, much less complex ways to handle it which would have kept insurance costs about the same while getting everyone insured.

* * *

Government is lying about the rate of inflation because if it weren't, a lot of politicians would have found themselves dancing Danny Deever long before now. The party line is "there's no inflation" but butter costs 170% of what it did four years ago, ground beef is nearly twice as expensive over the same period, and the only reason you can get a gallon of gas for under $3 right now is due to the fact that there's a massive oil glut taking place. Absent the massive inflation of the past few years, though, that gallon of gas would cost about $0.90 rather than $2.20.

The article lays out many reasons why the government is lying about the rate of inflation. The one it does not mention--the most important one--is that the rich people in power would no longer be rich or in power if the economic statistics were reported honestly.

* * *

The unemployment figures are similarly fake but if you make people get some kind of job while receiving welfare, the welfare rolls drop dramatically.

* * *

GM has finally sold its 100,000th Chevrolet Volt. This is the car that was supposed to sell 60,000 units in its second year. Remember how GM was going to ramp up production to meet demand? They thought they were going to sell out of the stupid things.

...and four, five years later, finally they have sold the 100,000th unit. That doesn't sound like 60k units per year to me.

But I'm not surprised by this. The car costs $45,000, for crying out loud. The people who can afford something like that have very little overlap with hippies who think they can save the planet by buying a car full of rare earth magnets and lithium batteries.

* * *

Rio Olympics. The linked article in its entirety, except for the image: "In short: testing in the Olympic waters of Rio show 248 million adenoviruses per liter, while in California a reading of thousands per liter would set off the health department."

Well, that's how it goes, I guess.

* * *

As for me--

Discovered, last night, that I could get Ultima II working on my system if I were to dig out my Ultima Collection CD; that only required finding it. I knew I'd saved it (rather than tossed it) but I wasn't quite sure where I'd put it. But find it I did, and when I got everything put together, U2 ran fine on my computer.

So now Mrs. Fungus will be able to play it, and will get to see the old man say, "I'm an old man."

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