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#5289: I care just enough to avoid soiling myself.

So tonight I had to give someone a credit.

Here's the thing: she went to Canada, and called the same day to have an international calling package added to her account because otherwise she'd be spending a hideous amount of money for pay-as-you-go usage. Then she gets her July bill--generated two days after she called--and there's no international calling feature on it and there are charges for pay-as-you-go usage.

My research showed me a few important facts. First, that she had called on the day to get the feature added. She'd called twice, in fact; the first rep she talked to added Travelpass for $2 a day, but while that's nice and cheap you can't backdate it. The second rep she talked to removed Travelpass and instead added a bundle that should have taken care of the usage, but didn't. As stated above, for some reason the feature--added two days before the bill cycle date--had not appeared on the bill.

To me that says system glitch and that was enough for me decide that this woman deserved to have the whole amount credited to her. So I--confident in my experience at this job--get the credit entered and ready for a supervisor's approval. I went in search of a supervisor, found one, tried to make my case...and got a crapton of pushback over it.

This wouldn't really bother me all that much (it's an admittedly large credit) but this exact same supervisor, a few weeks ago, told me that I had to give someone a $40 credit she didn't deserve because of "longevity" and "payment history". This time, well, the customer didn't call soon enough, and it was her fault, even though the rep had told her that the calling plan would cover the usage. No, the woman called after she'd started using data. "You understand?"

"I understand what you're saying," I told her, "but I disagree."

It's like these fuckheads are pushing back solely because they can. Whatever I ask for, I get refused, and consistency be damned. Let's give out $40 to an asshat who doesn't deserve it, because a sup will otherwise have to take an escalation over it; but when the company fucks up and overcharges someone, at that point we have to make sure the customer isn't just hunting for credits.

So what should have been a five-minute proposition instead takes over fifteen, most of it with the customer patiently waiting on hold while I make two round trips across the fucking call center. During which the supervisor in question walks out to go have a cigarette.

So, yes, just a little bit pissed off. This kind of horseshit makes me not care at all about doing the job right. WTF, if the sups don't care, why should I?

* * *

The skyrocketing cost of helath insurance does not count as "inflation", just so you know. Nope! Feds carefully exclude it from how they figure inflation.

* * *

$400 million given to Iran just happened to be given to them about the time they released some of our sailors they were holding hostage. Nothing to see here. Obama didn't pay ransom to Iran, you racist!

* * *

Anyway, time to calm down and try to relax. WTF.

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