atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5291: Feminsm has jumped the shark.

Apparently the invention of writing was the beginning of sexism and patriarchy.

Yes, she's serious. Yes, she needs therapy.

* * *

Yet another case where someone who had something on a Clinton ends up dead.

* * *

This is why the job market is horrible. The employment to population ratio.

* * *

This is why people classed as "poor" often have $800 cell phones. It still happens today.

* * *

Other than the big sign outside that says "Whole Foods" on it?

* * *

Low time preference.

* * *

Go to 2:40:

Short form: lightning strikes utility pole, which explodes into kindling and toothpicks.

* * *

...and I don't know what else to say today. It's my Wednesday. Tomorrow is another early day, and then Monday is a regular day; after that, maybe I can get some f-ing sleep.

While rotating tires on Mrs. Fungus' car the other day I discovered that her left front tire had a bent rim. I mean bent, almost as if something had hit--oh. Yeah. That's the corner that got hit on July 1.

Except for one thing: if the wheel had been hit hard enough to dent it like that, the hubcap should have been damaged, and it wasn't. So I haven't got a clue as to how this wheel got bent like this. Regardless, it means going to a boneyard or someplace and getting a replacement, then getting the tire mounted and balanced. Shouldn't cost much and shouldn't take much time.

Couldn't do the plugs; when I tried to get the plug socket 'way down into the head to get the old plug out, it fit in the hole like it was precision machined, but it didn't fit over the plugs. Instructions found on-line say to use a 9/16ths socket, so next "weekend" we'll try that. The new plugs fit into the plug socket so I can use it to install the new ones, at least.

Interesting discovery with the Jeep: when I put the wheels on and torqued them down, I drove 'er around the block, then torqued the wheels again to a higher spec than usual. Now the Jeep doesn't feel as "floaty" above 60 as it did. Wobble is still there, of course, but it just feels more solid at speed than it did. The wheels weren't loose with the lugs tightened to 90 ft-lbs but everything feels better with them torqued to 110 ft-lbs. Spec is about 90, but it may just be possible that my $20 thirteen-year-old micrometer-style torque wrench is out of calibration.

Toyota did something to Mrs. Fungus' car; they installed a software patch when I had it in for the recall work, and now it "surges" in certain circumstances. Gonna have to take it for a test drive this "weekend" and, probably, take it back to Toyota to get them to un-fix it. WTF.

* * *

Nice and cool outside tonight: dewpoint is 55, which means ventilating with outside air. Oh yeah.

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