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#5295: How to know you needed the sleep.

When you sleep until 1 PM, and you don't wake up with a headache, you needed that sleep. Considering how much of a struggle it was to drag my butt out of bed and to work the past few days, I'm not surprised at all.

The overtime is wearing thin. It was supposed to be a temporary measure; now it's become a permanent fixture, and I find that I am not alone when I opine that I am nearing burnout. Coworkers have expressed similar concerns.

Look: the 40-hour workweek was predicated on the fact that people are not machines, and must have a certain amount of time to rest and relax. On average (goes the thinking) a typical person can produce most effectively for about eight hours a day before fatigue begins to have a negative impact on his efficiency. Certain high-functioning individuals can work all the time without problem; not everyone can. Regardless, everyone must rest and eat and do other things which could be collected under "maintenance", and if that maintenance is not performed properly the machine begins to malfunction.

It's especially important when your work is both repetitive and stressful. When you work a customer service job, you repeat the same words over and over and over again, until you're sick of saying them, and at the same time you must be 100% "on" every moment you're talking to the customer. You have to deal with people who are angry without becoming angry yourself; if you allow yourself to react to a customer's rudeness or ire, you risk immediate dismissal from your job. You frequently have to explain something five times before the customer begins to understand what you're saying.

This job is tiring. It is a hard job.

...and working 45-hour weeks has begun to take its toll. That's part of the reason they can't retain people, there; they're asking an awful lot for wages on the low end of the call center spectrum. I've been there a year and just got another raise, and my pay is still below what a Comcast rep makes right out of training class. Unlike someone right out of training class, I can handle just about any issue a customer can raise. (The other day, for the first time ever, I split an account. Never did it before. Did not need help doing it.) But I do not want to work for Comcast; my wife was a supervisor there and I know what it's like. No thanks.

I don't have time for anything else on workdays. I'm out of the house for almost 12 hours, because I spend two hours on commute and nine hours at work. I get a half-hour lunch; 9 plus 0.5 plus 2 is 11.5. Into the other 12 hours of the day I must cram eight hours of sleep plus everything else--cooking and eating meals, getting ready for work, R&R. And the schedule means I either shortchange my sleep (always a bad idea) or leave things undone until my weekend.

So when I get a weekend, that's when I get to do everything else a person has to do, things like paying bills and running errands. It seems like I don't get a weekend; my wife and I both feel as if we haven't had a day off for months.

TL;DR: life is hard.

* * *

Any person who cannot handle a short flight of stairs unassisted is not fit for the Presidency. Right? I mean, if you misspeak or you can't spell "potato" you're not fit, so what about handling the basic task of ascending stairs?

According to Vox Day, Hillary has a "handler" who is, allegedly, actually a neurologist. And if you're having focal seizures and other brain issues, wouldn't you want to have a neurologist on hand at all times?

The thing is--as others have pointed out--it is nothing new for a politician to have the press and others covering up their infirmities. FDR, for example, was crippled by polio, but the public never knew it. Kennedy had Addison's disease and an addiction to painkillers. Woodrow Wilson had a series of strokes which eventually confined him to a wheelchair.

...but if their infirmities had been known before they were elected, they would not have been. People always want a leader who is healthy; they do not want to be led by someone who has seizures or paralysis or a need for opiates.

Being President is a highly stressful job. If Hillary has seizures which are exacerbated by stress, she does not belong in that job.

* * *

"Federal prosecutors" are looking for an Apollo 11 artifact the government sold by mistake. It's a sample bag which was stolen and sold; when the government recovered it, the bag was subsequently auctioned off "by mistake".

I suppose the one good thing is that the "federal prosecutors" want to refund the money paid for the bag; they're not just saying, "Too bad, this shouldn't have been sold. Suck it."

* * *

I hope they do it. The legal path for asteroid mining has been cleared, so now people can do it. I'd love to see this company strike it rich--rich beyond dreams of avarice, so rich that everyone else in the world suddenly has a powerful need to get to the asteroid belt. Like the 49-ers going west in the Gold Rush. Sell the mule and buy a pick, ma! There's gold in them thar hills!

* * *

Speaking of which--

I've been thinking about a novel which would predate $Release_Candidate_One by about a century. The idea came to me yesterday, but fully-formed enough that it must've been percolating around my subconscious for quite a while. $R_C_1 is about the end of an interregnum and the earliest days of a galactic renaissance; what about the fall of the regnum prior to the interregnum?

Way back when I was still scrawling things out longhand I scribbled the barest whiff of a beginning of this story--a couple of pages, no more--but had no framework on which to hang it. The tone was right, containing urgency, a need to escape a collapse, but at that time I was too young and inexperienced (and my setting was too incomplete) to understand what I was trying to do. It just seemed like a cool place to start a story.

But the story I'm thinking about now contains all that and an interesting look at declining times in general. I think I have the story, now; I just need to flesh out the plot and get it down on paper.

Part of that is deciding who's going to be in the story. I have a cast of characters ready-made--basically people who appear in other stories--so all I need to do is figure out who and where. all I really need to do is to find time to write it. See the beginning of this post. *sigh*

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