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#5296: How do I have a book for 14+ years and never read it?

Yesterday I--expecting a significant wait at the store while the pharmacy refilled Mrs. Fungus' prescriptions--went in search of a book. I finally dug into the box of paperbacks found in the basement, and decided that Venus by Ben Bova would be a decent read.

It looked as if it had never been opened, but what the hey.

Other than the totally uncritical "oh no global warming is melting the ice caps and raising sea level" schtick, it was a really good book. I could ignore the warmista crap because it was good, and it was also a plot point.

There is one chapter which takes place on Earth; the rest takes place on the Moon, or Venus. Technically "in Venus' atmosphere" because there is only one chapter that takes place on the actual surface of Venus.

...and I basically read it all at one sitting. I had not read this book before. It's been in that box since 2002; I have no idea when I bought it. But the story and characters were entirely unfamiliar to me.


* * *

Veterans Administration doesn't have a big enough budget to provide health care to veterans in a timely fashion but they have enough money to pay $408 for solar panels.

The one comment talks about targeted funds--and is correct--but misses the point, which is that government wastes money.

* * *

A few years ago the History channel one would have shown Hitler instead of an alien. But it's all true.

* * *

Anyway, I was up until after 4 AM reading Venus, and got up when Mrs. Fungus' alarm went off. I wouldn't be awake now if I hadn't had an episode of gut malf, but now that things have calmed down I expect to repair to bed and sleep a few more hours. Today is, after all, my Sunday.

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