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#5300: After this, a few days' hiatus.

Today I had a customer insist that it was "communistic" and "unconstitutional" for $Major_Telecom to require him to establish a four-digit pin that didn't use part of his social security number. "Communistic" is debatable, I suppose, but "unconstitutional"? Where is it written in the Constitution that you won't have to use a certain kind of password when dealing with a private company?

The ignorance displayed by this guy was breathtaking. And his vote counts the same as yours.

* * *

Blacks attacking whites because rich people aren't handing out enough money?
"It's sad because you know, this is what happens because they're not helping the black community, like you know, the rich people, they got all this money, and they not, like you know, trying to give us none."
The solution for blacks being uneducated and lawless (and apparently illiterate) is for rich people to give them money. Well, I guess that guy went to government school.

Meanwhile Chicago sets another record for violent crime because--strangely enough!--criminals don't care about laws.

* * *

Having a grand old time department:

I was originally intending to fill the Jeep's tank on my way to work this morning. That was yesterday; I forgot all about it once I got home from work. This morning I woke up feeling so beat I didn't even think about gasoline until I was almost all the way to work and noticed how low the gas gauge was getting. Three miles further on the "check gauges" light came on to the accompaniment of the usual beep, reminding me to look at the gauges, because the gas gauge was so low.


Near work, gas is $2.76 a gallon for the cheap stuff. On my way home I put in three gallons--enough to get me home and thence to the gas station tomorrow--and called it "good enough".

Well, it's Sunday evening, and I can relax a bit. So I'll do that.

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