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#5301: Ahh, my weekend at last

So, we decided to try Smash Burger. It's one of those trendy burger shops where they have a very simple menu, and try to be "cool" and "hip" while doing one thing well.

Problem is, they don't do it well.

Let's start with the food. A #1 combo consisting of a burger, fries, and drink cost almost eight dollars. The hamburger had about 130% of the meat of a typical McDonald's hamburger (which sells for about $1.29) and had barely any condiments on it. Mrs. Fungus asked, "Is there anything on your burger?" Of course! Ketchup, mustard, pickle, and a thin slice of onion. On an "egg roll", whatever the hell that is. It was a good bun for a hamburger. The fries were the extra-skinny kind (like you get from Steak & Shake). It was a respectable wad of fries but nothing to write home about.

I don't know--for what that burger cost I expected more food. I left that place hungry; when I get a Deluxe Double combo from Culver's I pay about $8 for it and it fills me up. And it's a better-tasting burger to boot.

Mrs. Fungus' sandwich was chicken, costing about $8 by itself, and it didn't even have as much chicken on it as a $1.30 McChicken sandwich.

So, we're never going there again.

* * *

The story I've been noodling around with--I tried starting it this evening and found I could not, so it must not be ready yet. I need to figure out where to start the thing. Nothing appeals.

* * *

Today, while trying to find something else, I finally found my copy of Red Storm Rising. I was looking for the copy of Coonts' Saucer that I have floating around here somewhere, and instead found this. After, of course, I ordered a used copy from Amazon. Argh etc.

Ordered the book on Sunday the 7th, expected delivery is tomorrow the 16th. How does it take nine days for an Amazon seller to put a book in a box and ship it? What horseshit. And it's coming via DHL. WTF.

* * *

One of the nice things about the WoW revamp is that warriors are fun to play again. Unfortunately monks are now less fun to play. So Microaggro (short for Microaggression, my female gnome warrior) has been getting a workout and is now heading for Outland.

Meanwhile Mrs. Fungus and I created demon hunters to try out the new character class, and they're pretty nice, too. You start out at level 98 (the same way death knights start at level 55) and you rapidly advance to 100 as you play through the starting quests. It's pretty entertaining stuff.

No indication, one way or another, if the new content is going to be better than Pandaria or Draenor were. But the pre-patch activities are fun.

* * *

Well, that'll do for now. I was supposed to be on hiatus, but then I had the thing about Smash Burger. Oh well.

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