atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5303: We leave you to your feast of insects!

Mrs. Fungus and I went swimming the other night. It was late; the pool was going to close in about twenty minutes or so. We were in the pool, and there was another couple, perhaps in their fifties. Otherwise, there was no one but the pool attendant in evidence.

Mrs. Fungus and I had noticed that nighttime insects--something approximately the size and shape of a mosquito, but white and not bloodsuckers--had attempted to navigate towards the underwater lights and ended up drowning, so the water was polka-dotted with thousands of dead bugs.

As we left the pool (to head for an indoor one which would remain open longer) I said, to Mrs. Fungus, "You have outlasted us! We leave you to your feast of insects!"

She wanted me to tell the tale.

* * *

The first CNC machines were programmed with punched tape. Not surprising. As I have only general knowledge about the capabilities of CNC machines, I found myself gaping in amazement that they were able to do that kind of stuff in the 1950s. All the while knowing that CNC machines have become more compact, more powerful, more capable. Four-five-six axis, and so on.

Case in point, Bluesun's new tooth being carved on a desktop CNC machine.

* * *

"Bush isn't President; no one cares" seems to be the meme for the massive flooding in Louisiana.

* * *

Earthlike world orbiting Proxima Centauri! Maybe.

Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf star, closer to us than the binary star Alpha Centauri. It may actually be part of a trinary (in which case Proxima would be Alpha Centauri C) but regardless, there may be evidence that an earthlike world is orbiting that star.

If so, it means we have someplace to go visit ASAP.

* * *

So, been reading Red Storm Rising, first time in more than a decade. Surprising how much of it I forgot. But it's a good story, and the copy I ordered on the 7th finally arrived yesterday...and turned out to be hardcover. So I switched from the paperback to the hardcover (larger print, easier to read with my aging eyes) and kept on forging ahead.

Now it's time for some WoW.

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