atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5305: Thanks, Chicago, for turning the gravel pit into a CESS pit.

The big quarry over in Thornton. I-80 passes right through it. I've never had a good look at I-80 from the other side of the quarry, because I don't like getting close to precipitous drops, but when I-80 was run through there they had to blast a channel into the limestone to keep the road reasonably level.

Anyway: Deep Tunnel. The quarry is meant as "temporary" storage while a reservoir is completed.

So whenever it rains, it stinks over there. Thanks, Chicago.

I was under the impression that actual sewage would be stored in the deep tunnels, and rainwater runoff would be shunted to open reservoirs. I guess I was wrong.

* * *

I have one problem with this: power plants don't use truckloads of coal; they use trainloads of the stuff. Any coal-fired power plant is likely to have its own sidings where the coal is brought in by train.

Otherwise, yes.

* * *

This is a side effect of global warming. As the world gets hotter you can expect the north Atlantic to cool down, because reasons and LOOK! HALLEY'S COMET!

* * *

Well, it's Monday evening. Huzzah.

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