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#5306: I'm tired of it.

By now it ought to be friggin' obvious and we don't need any more examples, but we keep getting them. Yes, the press treats Obama with kid gloves and he is not held to the same standard Bush was. We get it.

It's always been like this, for decades. Longer. The press loves Democrats. If a Republican and a Democrat do exactly the same thing, the Republican is a skunk and the Democrat is a statesman.

...and I'm tired of writing about it every time it happens.

This is good commentary on it, though.

I guess I really can't blame the media too much, though. There's no story when a black President ignores the plight of white people caught in a disaster. For one thing, there wasn't any looting or violence as there was in New Orleans in 2005.

Speaking of race riots:

Sure, CNN! We believe that your edit was "unintentional".

What CNN showed: "Don’t bring the violence here!"

Text of whole clip:
Don’t bring the violence here! Burnin down shit ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down! We need our shit! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it.
The press continues to push the narrative that "Black Lives Matter" is a peaceful protest when it obviously is not, but is actually violent anti-white racism.

Black cop shoots black felon who was armed with an illegal gun, but "Black Lives Matter", so riot and burn and loot. It's all for social justice, whatever the hell that is.

Eventually this kind of behavior will become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Two black teenagers rob and murder a man who stops to help them get their car unstuck from a ditch.
Ironically, avoiding blacks because of their tendency for violence is not just a sane policy for whites (and Asians, mestizos, Indians or anyone else), it is also a prudent policy for blacks themselves when dealing with other blacks they do not personally know and trust. You see, the good Samaritan in the above case was HIMSELF black. This was no instance of racial animus. It was purely the natural behavior of barely-human animals against one of their own co-ethnics. 90% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks.
The article concludes, "There is a reason race relations are deteriorating rapidly and it isn’t being caused by whitey."

* * *

1,690 pages which make buying a tractor-trailer about $15,000 more expensive. With an extra helping of, "It'll save money in the long run!" government sanctimony.

It never saves anyone money in the long run. All it does is make everything more expensive. Government couldn't care less, since taxes are usually calculated by percentage.

The thing is, the auto industry has been regulated to such a fine point that it's near impossible to get any more gains out of eco-regulating automobiles. Compare the emissions of a 2016 Mustang to those of a 1966 Mustang. As mentioned in a prior post, the EPA is now looking to regulate the emissions of other engines, and they are not even remotely concerned with how cost-effective their regulations are; if it means that the price of a lawn mower engine must double to reduce its hydrocarbon emissions by 0.4%, they'll do it.

When I think about the Nixon administration, Watergate does not bother me. EPA does.

* * *

FBI is now the largest distributor of child porn. In order to catch child pornographers, they seized, upgraded, and improved a darkweb CP site. They ran it for two weeks.

Well, obviously none of the users there was a Clinton. Right?

* * *

How to get burned by the Inquisition, by Giordano Bruno. A thumb in the eye of Neil deGrasse Tyson and his idiotic remake of Cosmos.

* * *

Also in SCIENCE!:

Someday, physicists will look back at this period and laugh. Or else they'll look perplexed and say, "How could they have thought that was right?"

Dark matter is apparently condensed into black holes, and because it's such weakly-interacting stuff these black holes pass through Earth every so often and we never, never, ever notice. But of course it has mass and gravity and it's 90% of the universe.


Epicycles. That's all it is. By now I've lost track of what dark matter was supposed to accomplish; it's just a way for physics to keep afloat some theory or other which has been found to be deficient when compared to reality. Like epicycles, which were part of the Ptolemaic model of the cosmos--there to explain the retrograde motion of the planets. Also like epicycles, it's been bent out of all recognizable shape in order to conform to a reality which does not actually include it.

...actually, the comparison I usually prefer is to the luminiferous ether. Ether was part of the standard model until early in the 20th century. Then we discovered that light was made of photons.

Something will come along, sooner or later, which will relegate dark matter to the dustbin.

* * *

Looks as if I was misinformed about the start date for Elio manufacturing. This December they're planning to do a pre-production run of 100 cars, which means no Elio this year. Somewhere I heard "fourth quarter 2016" for production to begin, but the last time I really looked into it I heard something about the pre-production run and how those cars would be used for crash tests and all the other things a manufacturer must do to get it all right and ready for full production, and I thought, "How can they start building cars in bulk if they're...?"


Little disappointed, but it's not like I'll be in a position to buy one this year anyway. Next year, then.

I'm just hoping that when the time comes, I don't take one for a test drive and find that I'm just too big for the thing. They're supposed to be fairly roomy, but in 1995 when I started shopping for a new vehicle to replace the green Thunderbird I tried a Ranger pickup and found it to be too small with the regular cab and too expensive with the extended cab. I fit in the regular cab, but it was a snug fit, no extra headroom or anything. With the seat all the way back, even, I fit in the thing like an astronaut in a Mercury capsule. It was immediately obvious that I'd find that too confining, especially since I was an on-site service technician and was in my car for about half my workday. The Elio should be better than that (it has, after all, a back seat) but I won't be able to make a real decision about it until I can sit in one and see how it fits. I expect it to, but the proof of the pudding blah blah blah etcetera.

* * *

Finally, errands to run today. Whee!

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