atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5308: It's a depression. What do you expect?

It's so bad, dollar stores are hurting.
If there was any confusion about how the lower half of the US consumer class is doing these days, it was quickly lifted following today's distressing earnings calls of dollar store titans, Dollar General and Dollar Tree.

Discount retailer Dollar General said it was cutting prices on its most popular items such as bread, eggs and milk, intensifying a price war among already commoditized products with retail giant Wal-Mart Stores to win back falling market share. It shares fell the most on record, plunging by 18% after the company missed on revenue, blaming aggressive competition, lower food prices and reduction in SNAP, or food stamp, coverage in 20 key states.
Well, no one said it would be easy.

* * *

Oregon is outlawing coal power which means that electricity will cost more and be less plentiful there. Whee!

* * *

As a curmudgeon, Fred is granted license to say things like this:
For the moment, let us assume that all of the complaints of blacks and their allies are correct. All right. We have done that. Now what?

There seems to be no solution. The underlying problem that will not go away is that blacks as a race have not shown themselves able to function in a modern society. Degrees and exceptions yes, but the central fact remains. One is not supposed to say this, and would that it were not true, but it is.
But of course that's raciss, you know....

* * *

More about the planet Proxima b. I've already started thinking about a story I was previously working on which would fit that (possible) world well. If it's got an atmosphere, it could be about 30°C on the dayside. Make it 50°--why not?--and it'll fit my ideas for that story pretty well.

I'm going to have some fun.

* * *

Because warriors are now fun to play again, I dusted off Calandraxyzz, the second--or third?--toon I ever made in WoW. And it's been fun to go kill demons in the pre-expac invasion events.

* * *

The O2 sensor I ordered for the Jeep on Tuesday arrived today, a day earlier than expected. I could have paid $56 for the thing from O'Reilly's, but Rockauto had it for $37 delivered with expedited shipping--kind of hard to pass on saving $20 on the exact same part and have it in hand in two days. I need this to get the Jeep smogged--it won't pass with the "check engine light" illuminated--so I can then get the plates renewed this coming Wednesday.

My only worry is that the Jeep will go back to getting 18 MPG. Well, I can always unplug it, I suppose....

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