atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5309: Saturday, and holy crap

Man, what a pisser that weekend change-up is. Get home at 11 PM, maybe get in bed by 12:30, and then up at 7. Today I didn't make it; I turned off the alarm on the phone, intending to get up, and then...didn't.

Ended up being two hours late, because I got up two hours late.

How hard is it to remember? No matter how awake you feel, DON'T TURN THE ALARM OFF UNTIL YOU ARE OUT OF BED. *sigh*

The rest of the day was pretty good, though. I didn't have to deal with any shitheads and I did not need a supervisor's assistance even once today. I call that a good day.

* * *

Old Mugabe is still doing his thing as tyrant of Zimbabwe. He wants to arrest the Zimbabwe Olympic team because they didn't win any medals. He probably wants to recycle the medals to boost the economy of his country.

* * *

"NASA nows says that the 0.1 PPM rise in atmospheric CO2 during 1830 caused the climate to start collapsing." That's right; the atmosphere is so sensitive to man-made climate change that a change of one-tenth of one millionth of the atmosphere is enough to cause catastrophic, runaway global warming.

Here's a hint: if the atmospheric temperature were actually that unstable, we would already be living on Venus.

* * *

"Farmers & scientists race to keep you alive".

* * *

So, had to buy another light bulb for the microwave. The one inside the box is good, but the one that lights the stove under the microwave blows out about 2-3 times a year, depending on how often it's turned on and off. Power failure while we were out swimming nuked it most recently.

Replacement cost: $4.19 at the nearest store, plus tax. I bought this. Even with shipping, it cost less than two incandescent bulbs from the store; if it lasts just one year I'll have gotten my money's worth. And it'll use less electricity to boot.

The three-pack of LED bulbs I bought a couple of months ago has been very nice. One went into the desk lamp; one went into the bedside lamp; and the third went into my reading lamp in the family room. They give nice, bright, cool light--I no longer have to worry about burning myself when adjusting the reading lamp, as I did with the incandescent and even the CFL.

Incidentally, butter costs as much per pound as that light bulb. It was only a couple of years ago that $4.19 would buy you two pounds of butter with tax.

But there's no inflation.

* * *

I had thought I might put the O2 sensor into the Jeep either today or tomorrow. It won't be today. We'll see how we do, I guess. As long as I can get the Jeep smogged on Tuesday and the plates renewed on Wednesday, no one cares.

It's a party! Whee!

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