atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#531: Error messages


This is why everything NASA does costs so much:
A series of intermittent fault messages delayed PMA-3's relocation by about an hour when three of the 16 bolts securing the docking port in place returned errors. But Mission Control determined that the glitch would not impact the relocation or the Harmony node's installation later this year.
What kind of bolt returns a freaking error message?

Why on off Earth do they need bolts with self-freaking-diagnostics?

That sounds like a load of overly-complex crap to me, the kind of hyper-techno-overload that results--among other things--in a shuttle turnaround process which takes months and requires 20,000 engineers and technicians to accomplish. (And costs a billion dollars per flight.)

It's why we're not going to go back to the Moon before 2019; "good enough" isn't good enough for NASA. Forget rebuilding the Saturn V; we need an all new booster with computer-enhanced nuts! We need computer diagnostics on every last freaking component in order to ensure everyone's district gets in on the gravy train safety! Never mind that the new booster will have only 80% of the payload of a Saturn V and cost 3x as much in adjusted dollars.

Faugh! Save me from NASA and their stupid crap!

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