atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5317: Parkinson's Disease?

Apparently Parkinson's Disease (PD) fits the bill for all the bizzare symptoms Hillary has been showing.

Look, there's absolutely nothing shameful about contracting something like PD. It's no reflection on her character (her actions are enough to demonstrate that) but it does mean that she's not fit for office. The stress of being President would keep her from functioning.

Besides, the next step in the progression is dementia, and the last thing any country needs is a leader whose grip on reality has begun to slip.

She can't control her coughing. The mainstream media is uncritically parroting the Clinton party line that it's "allergies" but allergies do not make you cough your lungs out. They make you sneeze; they may cause enough postnasal drip that you'll have to clear your throat a lot (ask me how I know) but they don't make you cough.

She needs bed rest more than she needs to be President.

* * *

This salt is 280 million years old, but if it's not used in three years it's no longer fit for consumption. Government in action! It must be regulated, or else PEOPLE WILL DIE!

* * *

Because sex is not a social construct, boys and girls prefer different colors and toys. Your attempt at getting them to use sex-neutral ("gender-neutral") toys will fail because boys and girls like different things. This is entirely natural and normal, and you're an idiot.

* * *

So, had this going through my head for the past few days:

Absolutely no interest in watching the show; the few eps I saw when living in Cedar Rapids convinced me that it wasn't my thing. But I did like the theme song.

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