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#5318: Horse[dung]

Chicago's chief of police says that the violence in Chicago is because "people are desperate".

That is horseshit.

The violence in Chicago is occurring because people are in gangs and the gangs are the source of most of the violence. The people who are not in gangs are not the ones doing the shooting; for the most part the non-gang populace of Chicago--regardless of color or socio-economic status--do not go around shooting at people.

The violence in Chicago is perpetrated by a very, very tiny fraction of its population. I recall the statistic being something like 100,000 people--or some number around that order of magnitude, at any rate.

The problem is gangs and drugs. Still.

* * *

Leprosy in southern California. Why are all these third-world diseases suddenly cropping up? Does it have anything to do with unlimited immigration?

The good thing is, leprosy is generally not very communicable. Most people are immune to it, and it's treatable with antibiotics.

* * *

Pilot transposes position figures while getting airplane ready for takeoff, and a fiasco ensues.

When I read the description of what happened, I want to recoil in horror at the stupidity on display. Does the airplane not have any mechanical backup instruments at all? Does it have an entirely glass cockpit? Why are there not separate instruments showing heading and attitude? the airplane was left with altitude, airspeed, and vertical speed, and no other instruments. A modern jet airliner was reduced to a couple more working flight instruments than a WWI Sopwith Camel, but was no more instrument capable. All of this was done through human error and the system was not robust enough that recovery was possible while still flying. How the hell is that possible?


* * *

I agree with Denninger. There's no excuse for ransomware that encrypts your hard drive being able to do so. Whenever any program tries to put something malicious into your disk I/O subsystem it should raise all kinds of Cain.

* * *

Well, it's Wednesday, and tomorrow is "back to work day". *sigh* I still have to get the grass cut, and "miles to go" before I can do it. Guess I'd better get moving.

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