atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5321: Oh, yeah, SURE they will.

Mexico threatens to cancel the treaty that gave us California and Texas if we elect Trump.

This 100% pure posturing with no chance of ever happening. It can't happen, mainly because Mexico will never do it, because:

1) Actual war with the US would mean no money and no tourists crossing the border. All the Mexicans currently in the US sending money south would find themselves unable to send that money. We do not send money to countries we are at war with. Further, tourism would stop as the State department would prohibit travel there. Mexico loves that money, and will do nothing to endanger the flow of it.

2) Mexico depends on the US for defense. It has an army, but against the United States military it might as well be a speed bump. This is because of "network effect": strategically, the US has long considered an invasion of Mexico or Canada the same as an invasion of the US, because we are otherwise isolated from potential hostiles. Both countries have therefore not needed to support a large or robust strategic-level military. One week after commencement of hostilities, Mexico would be defeated.

3) Such a move would engender hostility in the US for Mexico. Although there is plenty of anti-alien sentiment, as things stand now they're pretty good for Mexico. If Mexico rescinds the treaty, though, that could change.

It's nothing but bluster.

* * *

Dell requests 5,000 H-1B visas and fires 3,000 employees. 3,000 Americans out of work, 5,000 requests to bring in foreign workers who will do the jobs for less money.

* * *

"9. Americans owe nothing to non-Americans, except to allow them to go to hell in their own fashion." There's a lot of horseshit taking place elsewhere in the world. None of it is our fault. Why do we have to fix it? The muslims and the sub-Saharan africans enslaved and slaughtered each other by the thousands before the US existed, and nothing can stop it, so why are we trying? Why is it our responsibility to stop it?

I think American responsibility extends as far as Americans themselves, and no farther. If there's ethnic cleansing going on in Europe, maybe Europeans should step up and fix it. If there's a brush war in Indonesia, perhaps Indonesia should put it out. Somali pirates targeting ships? Let them (and task Navy vessels to escort American ships past).

We are vilified when we take action, and we are vilified when we don't. When we don't, at the very least it's not our sons and daughters out there getting maimed or killed, and it's not our tax money being spent on useless interventions that will fix nothing because they cannot.

* * *

Say "no" to statins. Really.

* * *

"Peak Oil" my ass.

* * *

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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