atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5322: Proud to be deplorable!

Her Parkinsonousness calls Trump supporters "a basket of deplorables".

Steven Den Beste gives us the title for today's post.

Hillary attempted to apologize for it. She needn't bother.

This is not an isolated case.

The "deplorables" that Hillary names are simply the labels commie-libs try to apply to anyone who disagrees with them, anyway, and by now they're so tired that some people love to be called them because they amplify and agree instead of shrinking from them.

* * *

People who have never themselves actually been slaves demand recompense for the sale of their great-great-great grandparents. Compare the life of the average American black with the life of the average African black, and you must conclude that American blacks have benefitted greatly from the bondage of their far-past progenitors. I don't see how they are owed reparations, particularly since no blacks living in America today have ever been slaves.

* * *

If you're over 40, no matter where you are, you have a hell of a time getting a technical job. It's true, and no one can do squat about it. Except maybe stop the entire H-1B visa program in its tracks.

* * *

I propose replacing all the pronouns with "fuckhead", so everyone can be equal. "Fuckhead went to the store, where fuckhead bought a brick of tofu and some kale." Like that. That makes about as much sense as any of the other proposed replacements.

Meanwhile, if you have to have your preferred pronouns listed on your nameplate, you are part of the problem.

* * *

The drop in interest rates since 1980 has resulted in a lot of inflation. We can't afford it. And when all that leverage unwinds--as it surely must--it'll make the 1929 crash look like a birthday party.

* * *

The difference between Tolkien and Martin.

* * *

Today was insane at work. All the Apple-lytes are preordering the iPhone 7, and so at one point we had some 172 calls in queue waiting for 52 reps.

When I consider the queue, I apply a simple formula: the number of waiting calls divided by the number of reps logged in. I call that "call load", and when it's greater than unity (say, 45 calls waiting for 45 reps) I call that "busy".

172/52 is 3.33, for fuck's sake. I've never seen it that busy, not even around Thanksgiving. Call load never dropped below unity all day long, either, and in fact it flirted with that level a couple other times.

This is insane. Is there no traffic-shaping? Are there so many people calling that nothing can be done and every center is flogged with callers?

Anyway, my day went quickly enough, so screw it.

* * *

Last night I happened to tune into BBC America, to find they were running the remastered Star Trek eps from the original series. They looked good--the colors bright, everything sharp and clear; the last time I saw an ep of TOS it looked a lot grungier and fuzzier than that. So I set it to record, just to see what comes up.

The ep that was on? "Devil in the Dark", which I recall being regarded as a not-very-good ep, but I always kind of liked it. Oh well.

* * *

Weather cooled off again, so we're ventilating the bunker with outside air. Hopefully, good sleeping tonight.

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