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#5323: Risible attempt at narrative.

Hillary collapses, and the press tries to spin it positive. "I'm not sure it's right, but there's an argument to be made that this episode will improve Clinton's image.

"It shows her doing her best to grit her teeth and work hard even with pneumonia. And it's humanizing, relatable."

File that one under "grasping at straws".

Is the Democrat party considering replacing Hillary with someone healthy?

Vox Day has some interesting information such as NBC reporting they're not "allowed" to shoot any video of the commemorative ceremony. Hear that? The press is not allowed (by whom??) to take video of something newsworthy.

It's laughable because the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) have seized on this sort of infirmity as a sign that Republicans are not fit for office. When it's one of theirs? "Hey, this is evidence that she's got tenacity and grit! Something you don't often see in a politician!"

Denninger thinks it means Hillary's done. Denninger's chief mistake here is in assuming that Democrats are going to look at the facts. Why would they start doing that now? But he's right about one thing:
Hillary's campaign is over, whether you or she wishes to admit it or not. But more to the point, if she does not drop out, given what appears to be a set of very serious health issues, the next two months may literally kill her. I strongly dislike Hillary and emailgate is just a small part of it, but even though I'm a "deplorable" by her view I don't wish her dead. She ought to retire from political life and go home to spend whatever time she has left in peace. She's clearly in no shape whatsoever to serve in any sort of public office capacity and the entire world saw that this morning in an undeniable, in-your-face fashion.

I know Hillary's blind ambition would not allow this sort of honest self-reflection when she had a game-playing chance to win,...
She should just retire and relax and spend her remaining days with her daughter and grandchildren. Like Denninger I have no love for her but I don't wish her dead.

* * *

So, 15 years since 9/11, and I'm working as a call center rep. I drove to work in a funk, thinking about how much today resembled that day fifteen years ago, and about the career the events of that day ruined forever.

Today was a repeat of yesterday, only worse: around 11 AM, we had 216 people waiting for 40 reps. That's a call load of 5.4, 540% of unity, which is IN-F-ING-SANE. It's all about the iPhone 7, of course, which debuts this week. *sigh* The load never went very far below 200%, either.

I hit the bathroom around then, and as I came back it occurred to me that if a terror attack had taken place somewhere there was a call center, that's what would happen first: our call load would spike as the calls got shunted over to us...only then, as the news started talking about it, the call load would crater.

I'm glad it didn't crater. Even though I had an annoying day.

* * *

Watched a couple more eps of the remastered Star Trek last night, and realized that they've fucked with it like George Lucas fucked with Star Wars. "The Obsession" featured an antimatter explosion on a planet's surface, and as the Enterprise broke orbit we saw the crater on the planet--something that was never in the original cut of the episode! There are some other special effects shots which (upon reflection) I realized must have been done using technology which did not exist in 1966.

I don't like that.

Yes clean up the video and make it sharp and vibrant again. No don't change anything, damn it. Star Trek was successful SF in spite of the low-tech special effects. Like Doctor Who it was the writing that made it good, not the glitz and wow stuff. There's no need to add them now.

Well, I suppose it's not really my problem.

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