atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5326: NO, we did not buy a new car. It's just a rental.

Yesterday we dropped Mrs. Fungus' car off at the body shop to get the damage done to it on July 1 taken care of. Advised that it should be about a week, today we set out to rent a vehicle for her to drive while her own is being repaired.

We had intended to rent a compact of one stripe of another, Toyota preferred. Instead we ended up with a Chevrolet Traverse SUV with AWD and a crapton of modern features which weren't even invented when my Jeep was built. Plus side, we're paying the same price as we'd pay for a compact because this is what they had to rent to us and we'd reserved on-line.

First step was going to the Enterprise rental place in Steger, just outside the Fungal Vale. What a mistake that was--the service was terrible and the people rude, and the price they gave us for a compact was some $100 more than we'd seen on line. So we went home and reserved on-line, got a much better price, having to go a little further afield to get it. We called the place in Steger back, to see if we could get our paperwork from them; after Mrs. Fungus hung up she said tightly, "Bitch, do not fuck with me. I will cut you."


So we went to the Enterprise in Glenwood, and their service was everything that the Steger location's was not. ...and they upgraded us to this thing. Mrs. Fungus wasn't sure she could drive it. Well, she discovered she could, and the only real sticking point was tuning the radio.

On our way home we stopped at Fuddrucker's for today's meal (having had nothing before, and--I expect--we won't need much after since I had a 2/3 lb burger and we split orders of fries and onion rings) and she told me one of my brake lights was out.

Got home, diagnosed the problem--bulb out, sure enough, and the spare was one that I'd previously pulled for turn signal not working but showed continuity on all connections--and set out to buy bulbs, taking the Traverse to the parts store.

Fiddled with the steering wheel controls on the way home and discovered that if you pushed a certain button the computer would ask for a voice command. With some trial and error I discovered how to get the radio to tune to a specific station: press the button, wait for the tone, and say, "tune 95.5 FM" or whatever station you want, and it goes right there.

New bulbs in, everything functional and buttoned up. Mrs. Fungus is ready for her commute tomorrow.

And she wants us to buy one. *whimper*

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