atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5330: I just paid as much for a pound of butter as I did for a whole chicken

But there's no inflation!

So just now I hit the store for a few things. Mrs. Fungus has been wanting roast chicken, so I'm going to make a roast chicken dinner with carrots, savory potatos, gravy, and salad.

We had next to none of that (save the carrots) so I went to the store. I selected a nice-looking whole chicken ($1.29 per pound, about three pounds) and picked up some other things we need, then went to check out. The chicken was the first thing on the conveyor.

Now, they have a new system there, and the PIN pad where you swipe your debit or credit card shows a display of what you've bought.

Display: Chicken $0.09

Me: Does that chicken really cost nine cents?

Cashier: What?

Turns out the label was wrong, saying that the chicken weighed in at 0.07 lbs. Any swinging dick could tell that chicken weighs considerably more than 0.07 lbs (that 1.12 ounces) and that price was wrong. Well, they couldn't get the correct price at the register by using the built-in scale and entering the price per pound because new system, so they had to take it back to the meat department to get it weighed. They thanked me for my honesty.

Here's the thing: I'd bet money that section of meat cooler was full of chickens earlier today, and it's not until after 6 PM someone noticed that? Really?? How many chickens went out the door with incorrect weights on them, therefore making them cost under $0.10? How many people decided they'd load up on chickens at that price, justifying it by saying, "They put that price on there. It's not my fault!"

Well, guess what, asshole? It is your fault. You're not stupid; you know what the price ought to be and you know that paying $0.10 for $4 worth of chicken is wrong, and you're rationalizing it by saying to yourself that the store made a mistake and it's not your fault if they don't notice it.

But you ARE stealing.

Myself, I noticed the price on that chicken when I first picked it up; I put it on the conveyor expecting to pay $1.29 per pound for it, figuring the price on the sticker was a glitch and the correct price would ring. When I found that I was wrong, I immediately pointed it out, because I know $0.09 for a whole chicken in 2016 is not right.

So I was not offended that I had to pay $4 for the chicken. I would have liked it if they'd said to me, "We'll give it to you for the price on the label," but they didn't, and I had no reason to expect they would. This store has no policy posted about items that ring up incorrectly and I don't mind paying the correct price for an item.

And yeah: the correct price for the chicken was $4.19. The pound of butter was $4.29. *sigh*

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