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#5332: HERCULES VERSUS KARATE! STARRING JAY LENO AND PAT MORITA! is just possible that we were a bit punchy last night while looking through the free on-demand movies.

First, when I came across the listing for Collision Course and saw Pat Morita and Jay Leno on the cover--well, that's a movie I never saw and had utterly forgotten the existence of, until seeing that listing, and I laughed my ass off. I laughed so hard I was afraid I'd hurt something, and I realized that it's been a very long time since I laughed like that. And for a couple of hours after I saw that, all Mrs. Fungus had to say to get a laugh out of me was, "Jay Leno and Pat Morita!"

(I notice that nearly all of Jay Leno's roles after that movie are where he plays himself. How's that for being a household name?)

Continued to flip through the movies ("Ooh! Dracula's Dog! Can we watch that?" "No.") until we came across a movie that appeared to be titled Hercules versus Karate and I laughed again until I'd busted every gut God gave me.

It was actually Mr. Hercules Against Karate. Good Lord it was a bad movie, one of those movies that's so bad it's great fun to watch with the right company.

* * *

I'm only going to say this about the latest example of islamic savagery: have you noticed that since Obama has been in power, the kinds of piecemeal terror attacks which never used to happen here have begun to happen here? Pipe bombs, mass shootings and/or stabbings? All in the name of allah. Yeah. But "religion of peace" and "we mustn't profile" and "ohnoes the islamophobia!"


* * *

You know, last night there was a commercial on TV, showing a guy carting his pubescent daughter around to participate in various sporting events. Shows them going to generic martial arts practice, her practicing soccer while he changes a flat tire (and being good natured about getting hit with the soccer ball) and this and that and the other thing. The last scene in the commercial shows a football game, centering on a player kicking the ball; and then at the end of the play off comes the helmet revealing that it's his daughter.

I would never let any daughter of mine play tackle football. Escpecially not co-ed.

Figure the girl is 12 or 13--in less than a year boys in her age cohort will start to out-mass and out-muscle her very severely (if they don't already) and any boy likely to be playing intramural football at that age is already going to know how to roughhouse and take the blows of being tackled during a play. But no matter how athletic the girl is, she's just not built to get slammed to the ground by the full mass of a guy her age--and regardless of her team position, in football, she's vulnerable to getting tackled, and that means getting hurt, maybe severely.

* * *

This is what I hate about inkjet printers. You pay through the ass for ink, and there's absolutely nothing guaranteeing that the manufacturer can't decide your ink cartridge is "too old".

This particular instance is not deliberate, though HP did update printer firmware to make it harder to use third-party cartridges in their printers; the problem is that the update has (in some cases) essentially bricked the printer loaded with genuine HP cartridges.

Printer supplies are where the money is, though, not in the hardware itself. This way you can sell the printer at cost and make it up in cartridges, because most of the time the price of a printer is just high enough that buying new cartridges is a bit less expensive.

Or you can do what I do: I print with a $100 laser printer and use my inkjet all-in-one as a scanner, and nothing else. I haven't needed to print in color for years anyway.

* * *

Democrats oppose building pipelines. Now that a major gasoline pipeline has sprung a leak, gasoline is getting more expensive in the southeast US.

Pipes rust and need replacing. Infrastructure must be maintained, and isn't. You do the math.

* * *

Media is really pushing Underground Airline because it's a left-wing wish fulfillment story. (Like the original Red Dawn is supposedly "right-wing wish fulfillment".) But the story of Pogue's Run, under Indianapolis, is interesting when shorn of the connection to the lefty anti-American propaganda.

* * *

Today the rental car is going back and we're getting Mrs. Fungus' car back from the body shop. Whee.

It's just warm enough that we need the AC on. I'm not complaining; soon enough--all too soon, in fact--I will be pining for the warm breezes of summer.

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