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#5341: Now, wait just a cotton-picking minute.

Thinking about Yotsuba&! I realized that I've seen more of the story than #10. The highlight of #10 is when Daddy takes Yotsuba to the shrine to get the lying bug removed; but I remember a book showing Fuuka and Miss Stake taking Yotsuba trick-or-treating. Unless I am mistaken, the trick-or-treat episode is in volume 12, but even if it's not that would mean I at least have volume 11 around here somewhere, but I'll be switched if I can find it.

There are about two places I generally keep manga books. I've broadened my search, and I still can't find 'em. The place I remember them being for quite a while does not contain them; I've been shelving the volumes as I read them but they're not there, either. I have a feeling that I picked up #11 and #12 when I was trying to find #1 (which was mis-shelved in the middle of the Y&! books on the shelf) but I cannot remember if I actually did, and--more critically--assuming I did pick them up, cannot remember where I set them down. Because I was concentrating on finding #1. *sigh*

Well, I guess I could always read it on-line.

* * *

Over the years I have collected some similes which I seldom use but always have ready.

Like these:
"That's as confusing [or 'crazy'] as a box of ferrets."
"That makes as much sense as a cow in a swing set."
And now I have a new one:

That works as well as a monkey fixing a carburator.

Someone should tell him that you can't adjust the main jet with a combination wrench, especially not by sticking it down the throat.

* * *

So, normally we get Jack's pizzas. When I went shopping yesterday I saw that Gino's East pizzas were on sale, so I bought a couple. Today I decided one would be good for lunch, so I got it out, and noticed something: "NATURALLY HAND CRAFTED," the label says.

What the hell does that mean?

I can only figure someone wanted to say "hand-crafted from natural ingredients" (or at least strongly imply it) but their lawyers wouldn't let them, because this pizza isn't really "hand-crafted" any more than my Jeep's front fenders. I'm afraid to look at the list of ingredients, so I can't comment on the "natural" part, but I'm going to go with the odds here, which suggest that a $2.50 pizza is not exactly going to be laden with organic ingredients. ("Organic" in the sense that Whole Foods uses it.)

I don't expect it to be any worse for me than any other frozen pizza is. I'm just saying that the "NATURALLY HAND CRAFTED" thing doesn't make any damned sense.

About as much sense as a cow in a swing set.

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