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#5345: Home again from the hospital

So, Tuesday we went to Mrs. Fungus' doctor, who turned around and said, "Back to the hospital." So, she was admitted Tuesday night, and came home last night.

All we did today was sleep. I've told her, you don't go to the hospital to rest; you do that after you're home.

Plus side, we now have a clear idea of what's causing the extreme foot pain, and a treatment plan is developing. She can walk without her foot hurting like hell, and things are looking up. Turns out it's two things, not just one, and one caused the other, which is why the first time in the hospital didn't fix things entirely.

Another trip to primary care doc on Monday. Hopefully we're near the end of this.

* * *

What a fatuous load of horseshit. TV idiot claimed that the Paris climate deal is "designed to stop" hurricanes and other bad weather.

Myself, I don't understand how we can be having a severe hurricane at all. When Obama won nomination in 2008 we were told that was the moment when the planet would start to heal and the oceans would stop rising. None of that has happened, and in fact everything is worse than it was before. WTF.

Overdosing on the climate Kool-ade.

* * *

Well, it certainly wouldn't be surprising if this were the case. Getting the Democrat fraud votes pre-staged a month in advance certainly makes sense; you can't steal an election at the last minute. It takes careful preparation.

Just remember which party it is which consistently opposes any kind of law requiring that you show a photo ID to vote.

* * *

"...presumably in an effort to live and work illegally in America, Pentagon officials said." 44 Afghani soldiers, here for training, disappeared. Yeah, they decided they wanted to stay here. No, there's no other possible motive.


* * *

Clinton crony James Comey says career FBI agents blew the Hillary investigation. It wasn't because Comey politicized the FBI or anything for the sake of his own back pocket. Why would you think that, just because he took an open-and-shut case and declared there was no reasonable way to indict?

* * *

In a world where government won't even fix bridges that need repair and see heavy use everyday, it's hopeless optimism to think they'd beef up the Kennedy space center. Our government doesn't care about infrastructure. Improving infrastructure doesn't buy them any votes.

* * *

Assholes opposing the eradication of a major disease vector. This one species of mosquito is the way humans get Zika, malaria, and dengue, and anyone who opposes doing something like this is advocating for the suffering and deaths of millions.

You might as well oppose the smallpox and polio vaccines.

* * *

Okay, fucknuts: you may be vegan BUT YOUR CAT IS NOT. You should feed your cat proper cat food, not "vegan" horseshit, because YOUR CAT IS A CARNIVORE.


* * *

You know, I was thinking--on my way to the hospital yesterday--about Mythbusters, and how they screw up whenever they try to investigate any automobile-related myths.

The one in particular I was thinking of--inspired by seeing the leaf spring front suspension on a truck--was the bit about yanking out the rear axle of a car by putting a steel cable around it and then anchoring it to a solid object. As in American Graffiti, where Richard Dreyfuss does it to a police car, and then when the police car gives chase to his new gang buddies, the rear axle comes out with leaf springs still attached. Because in the time period that movie was set, cars had leaf spring rear ends.

So what do the Mythbusters do? They go out and buy a modern police car...with an independent rear suspension and coil springs.


And then they say "myth busted" when it doesn't work like it did in the movie.

*double facepalm*

Here's the thing: in the movie, the rear end was held in with four bolts: two at the front of the leaf springs (one for each side) and two at the rear, where the rear spring hangers attached to the body. All you had to do was to pop those two bolts at the front and presto, the entire rear end swings out and you will not catch bad guys today. A yank at about 20 MPH would probably be enough, especially if you've pre-weakened the mounting points for your stunt.

In the car the Mythbusters used, however, the rear axle was actually two half-shafts, with one end on the differential (hard-mounted to the body) and the other end of each half shaft running through the wheel hub. Conservative estimate is four bolts holding the diff in, with another four or so holding the wheel assembly on, and none of those connections were weakened in advance. If you wrap a cable or chain around that half-shaft and get a running start like in the movie, you'll pull something out of alignment but you won't rip anything loose unless the car is going very fast first.

So, apples and oranges, yet "myth busted".

This is half of the reason I stopped watching the show: when it came to cars, they rarely did it right, when all it would have taken was a couple minutes' discussion with an average gearhead to do so. The telling moment was when Adam was trying to figure out which was the fuel line, and found it by cutting hoses until the car stopped running.


* * *

Okay: yesterday it was sticky all day. Today it's cool. Welcome to October in the midwest.

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