atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5346: +1 for creativity. -10 for not putting the raccoon outside afterwards.

If you'd been squeezed to unconsciousness, I think you'd wake up pretty pissed off, too.

Our roads won't be safe from people who drive while intoxicated until raccoons are regulated. After all, If It Only Saves One Life....

Actually, all they have to do is mandate that the breathalyzer interlock be able to distinguish between human and animal breath. That's so easy to say it should be effortless to do, right? We'll make that the law now, so get to work on that, smart people.

* * *

So, a 10-year-old tape has surfaced, of Trump talking like an alpha male interested in having sex with pretty women. Cue media having the vapors over it, the same media which was incurious about Juanita Brodderick's allegation that Bill Clinton raped her.

If I rolled my eyes every time the media displayed that kind of double standard, I'd end up looking like the love child of Don Knotts and Marty Feldman.

* * *

Looking at past Fungus posts, I see that just a few years ago it was spitting snow about this time. Today it's 65° and sunny. It must be global warming!

* * *

Well, there's not much I can add to this today.

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