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#5347: Not so fixed, after all.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still a time bomb. Mind you, this is seven units out of countless millions, but T-Mobile and AT&T have stopped selling them (Verizon says it's backordered) and Samsung has halted production.

No, this thing ain't over yet.

* * *

Borepatch has a brief history of the GOP, 2010 onward.

The media is getting observably desperate to stop Trump. It's actually pretty funny.

Quoth another Borepatch post: "Trump is taking serious flak. That means that he's over the target." Yep! You don't take flak when you're fifty miles from anything valuable.

* * *

I'm a little disappointed, because one of the local PBS stations was running Doctor Who and (as mentioned a few weeks ago) I happened upon "The Ribos Operation", the first of the "Key of Time" episodes. I was looking forward to the next one, "Pirate Planet", because it was written by Douglas Adams and it's a classic. I eagerly set the DVR to record all future eps.

Well, the DVR didn't record anything, and I pretty much forgot all about it, what with Mrs. Fungus' illness and subsequent hospitalizations. Until last night, when I saw that it had recorded "Androids of Tara", which is number four in the sequence.


Plus side, it's still entertaining enough.

Meanwhile, we've been watching Westworld, entirely because Mrs. Fungus set it to record. Two eps in I can say I don't hate it, but I still have most of the reservations I did when I heard what it was going to be like. At least one of the subplots is intriguing, though.

* * *

While waiting for Mrs. Fungus at the doc's office today I was rereading Kimi ni Todoke, and realized that I'd forgotten how good that story is. Gonna have to re-watch the anime, I think.

As for me, up too late last night and then up too early today to get to the doc's office; I'm going to toss dinner into the crock pot and hit the hay for a while.

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