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#5355: Culprit identified.

It's not viral gastroenteritis. It is food poisoning.

Every day, when I go to work, I make a PBJ. I use Smuckers' Natural peanut butter, the kind you have to stir but also has a two-word ingredient list: peanuts, salt. I like it because there's no sugar added to it, just whatever's in the peanuts.

However, it is the culprit. It is the reason for my illness.

It explains why I felt better Saturday morning, then started hurling when I got to work: on my way in, I ate the usual PBJ.

Sunday evening I had some pretzels dipped in that peanut butter, and I felt awful a few hours later. Monday I had none of it, and felt remarkably better by 8 PM, and today I feel even better. Not well (still having gut malf) but the nausea is gone, my appetite has returned, and I feel like I'm on the mend.

So: I'll be switching to another brand, and sending that particular jar back to Smuckers so they can figure out what the hell's wrong with it, with a letter explaining the circumstances to them.

* * *

More on the anti-science idiocy. I especially liked this bit:
For example, how does science explain that a shaman may send a lightning to someone's head by the power of his will?

Someone in the audience kindly gives them the--obvious--answer to the question. The science's explanation of this proposition is that it isn't true. So the guy gets labeled a heretic immediately. If they had stones in the room, they would stone him to death immediately in that "safe space". How could he dare to provide his (correct) answer to a question that was asked? How could he dare to say that you can't send lightnings to other people by the power of will? An absolute blasphemy. It is a great racist insult to all Africans who have been sending lightnings to others for one-two-three-many years since the dawn of the mankind. To provide answers for questions is something that is unacceptable at a (South African) university. They demand that he apologizes.
These people are part and parcel with protestors complaining about the high cost of education, and "Among other things, the protesters have been throwing poo into the law and economics buildings."

I think any movement which includes the denial of the validity of the scientific method and the flinging of feces is one which is perpetrated by monkeys.

Even better:
The South African minister of education has ordered all South African universities to give students bachelor degrees for... witchcraft! The training of witchcraft bachelors-of-science (BSc) will begin in 2018.
It's amazing, isn't it?
You have whole gangs of savages claiming to be "students" who aggressively tell everyone that science must be outlawed and who throw their poo to make the point. How can you do any serious work in this environment?
This is like a blueprint for "how society comes apart at the seams".

* * *

And this, too. Foreskin restoration, because it's not fair that sex isn't as fun as you think it would be if you hadn't been circumcised.
A few years ago, Robbie Boucher (now a 32 year old father of two) noticed the sensitivity of his penis was dropping dramatically.
Robbie felt cheated and left reeling from a deep sense of loss.
Really? He doesn't have any other problems in his life?

Holy shit I sure would love to have a life so free from problems and issues that I have time to worry about this kind of horseshit. Then again, if I had that kind of time, I'd probably use it to do something useful.

* * *

So, Hillary had someone procure tail for her, both male and female. Something else the mainstream media can remain utterly incurious about.

Commentor says: "The enquirer is not exactly a top notch periodical."

Vox Day responds, "Tell that to President John Edwards."


* * *

FBI agents say that James Comey stood in the way of the investigation of Hillary's e-mails.

* * *

Yes, a 4GLTE connection can use 1.3 TB in 10 days. Especially with LTE Advanced, which spreads the data link over two or three radio channels.

You have to work at that, though. That's 130 GB per day, which is rather a lot. Standard procedure is to check the data log from the switch, and if that says the data was used by the device, then it was used.

* * *

$140 for a video card seems perfectly reasonable, and it sounds as if it would be a good upgrade for Floristica. Especially because "That's a theoretical 3x boost over the older GTX 650," which is the exact video card Floristica has right now. It'd probably be closer to 2x as fast, but even so that's a good price/performance trade off. As things stand right now Floristica drops to about 30 FPS in some zones in WoW; having a video card that was 2x faster would probably fix that.

Maybe someday. Not today.

* * *

As for me, I need to get back to sending lighting with the power of my will. Got that Witchcraft 402 final exam next week, don'tcha know, but then I'll have my BS!

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