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#5361: This has been true for a long time.

Leftists have always been bullies. The entire point of leftism is to be in charge of everyone, to be able to tell them what to do and how to live--in other words, the point of leftism is power over others.

So it's not really surprising that Democrats are stealing Trump yard signs, and doing other things to property belonging to avowed Trump supporters. It's part and parcel of how they operate: stifle all opposing viewpoints by any means necessary. Make it look like other viewpoints are unpopular and weird. Use violence and terror to enforce the approved viewpoint and to minimize others.

This country can survive a Hillary Clinton presidency, but it sure won't look like the US I grew up in.

* * *

In the same vein....

"Lieutenant Uhura, did Abraham Lincoln call you a nigger?"

Watched the ep of Star Trek last night "Savage Curtain", where Abraham Lincoln and the Vulcan who started the whole "logic" thing helped Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock defeat a band of miscreants from history, including Kahless, the founder of the Klingon way of life. When Lincoln is first beamed aboard the ship and is talking to Kirk on the bridge, Uhura comes in, and Lincoln says, "A charming negress!" And we're treated to the whole "Oh, it's just a word, and we're all proud to be who we are!" horseshit.

Notice that--in truth--the progressive movement (which, in part, Star Trek was meant to propagandize) has instead begun to harp on nothing but words. As Orwell predicted, the attempt is to control language and thus control the proletariat. If Star Trek had predicted correctly, instead of being gently corrected for his verbal faux pas, Abraham Lincoln would have been phasered and spaced. And the black people in the crew of the Enterprise wouldn't have stopped rioting over it until they'd looted and burned half the ship.

Though it is hard to imagine Kirk shrugging and saying, "Well, Lincoln did call her the n-word, after all."

* * *

My first thought, upon seeing this article, was that "Someone is watching too much damned Star Wars and thinks moisture vaporators are possible."

The author of said post came to exactly the same conclusion.

And I loved his conclusion:
Maybe we need to get rid of science, decolonize out minds, and use local magicians to call down lightningbolts. Sure, what the hell.
It's going to a hell of a lot of trouble to harvest a few teaspoons of water, and no, it wouldn't work for shit.

At least in the SW universe they have compact and approximately limitless power sources, so something like this--but with active refrigeration--could sit out in the middle of a silt flat and be left to operate for a year or so, allowing the condensation to be collect to an economically useful level before someone comes along and harvests it. But as is pointed out in the post, soil is an insulator, so with this version what you'll end up with is a warm, empty, underground space.

*sigh* indeed.

* * *

Here is how busy we have been: for the first time in more than a week, we have milk in the house. We have not had time to go get any.

Here is how much I've ridden my motorcycle this year: last night I was tidying my desk and came across the registration card for it, and realized that the plates expired four weeks ago. I haven't had time to ride my bike at all.

Well: twelve hours out of the house every workday, and two days in the week where I must do everything else. Not much time for recreation; in fact yesterday marked the first time in a week that I spent some time playing WoW.

Writing's been getting the shortest shrift; I haven't added so much as a single word to $New_Story since the 11th. Argh etc.

I was originally planning to cut the grass today, but it rained, and I'm just as happy. Half the reason I was getting so friggin' burned out at work was because I'm constantly doing things, and have no downtime whatsoever.

Could be worse--could be lots worse--but it could be lots better, too. I shouldn't complain, but no one wants to struggle constantly just to break even. And the worst part of it is, I need to write if I want things to get better...and even that is work, even if it's tons easier than manning the phones or digging ditches.

Still, we have things to do today, and I've got to get after them.

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