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#5363: I had such a good post title

And I forgot it. Sorry.

Got home at the usual time last night and got up at 6 this morning. The sun had not yet risen but it was twilight. Left work, the sun had not yet set, but it was twilight. It only gets worse from here, and this trend continues (at least for my weekends) until December 21st. Argh etc.

* * *

Today I was thinking about what a call center would look like in a world with robots like those in Singularity. And I realized something important.

Okay, let's say we have a computer which can support AI software which will pass a Turing test. There's no actual reason to put that computer into a robot body if all it will be doing is answering phones; you could put it in something the size of a shoebox and have racks of thousands of them, in a space the size of a two-car garage, and have 24/7 customer service which would be virtually indistinguishable from human.

What you would not have is a vast room of cubicles, each with a humanoid robot, sitting at a computer wearing a headset. You wouldn't need it. Maybe you'd have it at first, until the economic machinery ground far enough, and some bright boy realized he could build an AI customer service call center in a shed and rent it out for $50,000 per day. (Mind you, the shed would require industrial power, air conditioning, and a fat fiber data pipe. But it wouldn't have to be large.)

That would lead, in turn, to a whole bunch of warehousing space coming on the market, because call centers are buildings with large open areas frequently built in light industrial spaces. The cost for such buildings would plummet.

Sure would put me out of a job.

* * *

So, Democrats mourn the death of the "honest politician". As you well know, an honest politician is one who stays bought. James Comey has not "stayed bought" but instead has turned around and reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton's wanton disregard for secrecy laws after new evidence came to light.

And the Democrats are screaming bloody murder over it.

Because Anthony Weiner, pervert extraordinaire, had copies of his wife Huma's e-mails on his computer, including classified information he was not cleared for. And:
Hillary had her server professionally scrubbed of everything incriminating before giving it over to the FBI, but the sent emails still resided on Weiner's computer. Now the FBI has a situation. Because the emails received on Wiener's computer don't match up with the supposedly complete set of government emails that Hillary says (under oath) that she turned in.
Lying under oath is why her husband was impeached.

* * *

Federal government gives us two numbers for the deficit this year. So, the feds say the 2016 deficit was $590 billion--worse than the Worst Deficit Ever, $455 billion, in George W. Bush's last year--but the debt grew by $1,400 billion. So if the deficit was $590 billion but the debt is $1,400 billion larger--where did the other $810 billion come from?

The fact is that the deficit for 2016 was $1,400 billion, not $590 billion.

* * *

If you watch carefully, you can see the trainer give the sea lion the signal to slap the girl's butt. Totally trained behavior, but totally hilarious.

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