atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5368: Because SHUT UP, that's why!

Today I learned that we're to have Thanksgiving Day off.

I also learned that we're to work 11.25 hour days that week. Because we have to take 200 calls per week and they want to make sure we can get that number.

Me: Why don't we just work on Thanksgiving Day, then? Well, because then the managers would have to work the holiday, and it's easier just to make the peons put in 11.25 hour days. This place is a sweatshop.

In fact, the real reason they want to make us work a 45-hour week in four days is the same answer it always is: money. They'll end up paying us for having T-day off, so of course they'll force us to sweat blood to make up for it.


* * *

Hillary is far more corrupt than Nixon ever was. Nixon would have had to be cloned about a dozen times, and all of them President, for him to have as much corruption in his past as Hillary has in hers.

If a Republican--even a squishy moderate Republican like Mitt Romney--had done one-tenth of what Hillary has done, they'd crucify him exactly the way they crucified Nixon. Holy shit.

* * *

Well, I've got to start getting ready for bed. *sigh*

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