atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5371: I wonder how many of us voted Democrat.

Critter did!

No ID needed because raciss! of course.

The Democrat opposition to voter ID just goes to show how racist they actually are. Because of course black people can't get IDs or access the Internet or anything.

The attitudes displayed by the white people in that video are incredibly patronizing and racist.

* * *

File this one under "the war on (some) drugs is an abject failure". It really is.

* * *

As for voting: my entire ballot was one big "no" vote to the political establishment. I voted Libertarian in as many races as I could (save President). I will never again vote for Mark Kirk or Adam Kinzinger, Democrats Lite, but do not wish to vote for actual Democrats, hence my votes for their Libertarian opponents. I also voted against retaining any judges, and voted against the two Fungal Vale tax increase referenda, as well as the Illinois constitutional amendment referendum wanting to limit road taxes to being used on fixing roads.

Why? Because here's what will happen: deprived of the money from the highway slush fund, Illinois' government will simply raise taxes elsewhere. We are taxed enough already, for crying out loud, and anyway denying the legislature unlimited access to the highway tax fund won't mean our highways get fixed.

Risible: the billboard I saw advising voters that if they vote for the amendment, the potholes in I-294 will get fixed. Sure. That's why we had to double tolls on all Illinois tollways a few years ago, because there simply wasn't enough money to fix the roads; and now there still isn't enough so we have to amend the constitution.

Well, there is never enough money for government. They can go eat a bucket of dicks.

* * *

As for the Fungus family, we're about to treat ourselves to Dr. Strange, because we haven't seen a movie for months and we're worth it.

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