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#5372: Dr. Strange is worth seeing.

Mrs. Fungus and I really enjoyed it. I'm not a big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch but he was the right choice for the eponymous character. Seeing it in IMAX 3D is worth the extra ducats, too, as I'm not sure that some of the scenes in that movie could be comprehended without it.

Very enthusiastic thumbs up for this one.

* * *

Linked because of quote: "The mere fact that Clinton is on the ballot says we’re doomed. The question is not *if* we drive into the abyss. The question is our launch velocity." Probably. Probably. But I'm not prepared to write America off yet.

* * *

The trailer for Rogue One leads me to think that the movie may be worth seeing. That's what it's meant to do, of course, but seeing the construction of the original Death Star might be worthwhile.

* * *

Picked up a couple new pairs of jeans last week. I haven't bought pants since November 2014 (when I got the job at Best Buy, and those were khakis) so I was long, long overdue. Did you know you can buy a perfectly acceptable pair of blue jeans at Walmart for ten bucks?

...bought one pair of Walmart house brand ("Faded Glory") and one pair of Wranglers ($20). The FG pair is too big (46 inch waist) but the Wranglers are 44, and fit well. (Yes, the days of the Fungus having a 32 inch waist are long gone. I eat too many carbs and don't get enough exercise.) The Wranglers are so comfortable I can't believe it. I feel like I'm wearing sweatpants instead of jeans. I wore them all day, and once home from the movie, I didn't immediately have to go change into sweat pants.

Well, I've had a couple of years of too-small jeans, which is why jeans that fit feel so good. I had a pair of Wranglers which had been Dad's, but those wore out not long ago, because I wore them to work a lot in the last year. They could still be patched for work around the house, and probably will be.

The FG pair with the 46" waist will also get pressed into home duty--I've already worn them a week and they're so cheap they're not worth the bother of returning anyway (!)--and I'll go get another pair of Wranglers in the next few weeks with a 44" waist.

We're still working on digging out our financial situation, but at least now I can get some clothing to replace what's wearing out. It just feels so decadent to be buying new clothes. Even though I need them.

* * *

Work on the new novel has, predictably, stalled. We've been too busy, so busy we've played WoW for only a few hours this week. With all the running around we did today (and the movie) and all the running around we need to do tomorrow, I expect that I won't be writing much of anything on the novel. But I know what comes next, so when I do have some time, off I'll go.

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