atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5373: Well, what do you know?

So, this thing happened....

Mrs. Fungus insisted on watching the election returns. I played WoW for a little while, but then she pulled me into the family room and I watched the coverage as long as I could.

She had CNN on, then switched to CBS, and CBS kept saying, "Well, it's too close to call...." But the talking heads kept going on and on as if Trump was winning the thing, and sounding dejected, and then correcting themselves. Finally--when it was obvious that Hillary wasn't going to run away with it but it might be a few more hours before a result came in--Hillary's campaign manager, Podesta, went out and told her supporters to go home for the night. Mrs. Fungus was outraged that Hillary herself didn't say anything to her supporters at her campaign headquarters.

It got to be too much for me, so I went back to WoW, until Mrs. Fungus came in and told me Trump was going to speak.

But then something interesting happened: while they were covering Trump's campaign headquarters with the crowd waiting for Trump--with six states still "too close to call"--a cheer went up. "We're hearing that Hillary Clinton has called Donald Trump to concede," the talking head said.

Me: "WHAT?"

With the networks all saying that six states were still in play, with neither candidate at the magic 270--"It just doesn't make sense," I complained.

What happened is that the campaigns found out first, and the newsies second, that the remaining six states had gone Trumpward and put him over the top, leaving Hillary without the requisite number of electoral votes.

And Donald Trump is apparently our President-elect. Wow.

I had had hopes for the election, wanting to see a Trump victory--but when I saw the returns coming in so neck-and-neck, I figured "Inside the margin of cheat" and resigned myself to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

As usual, the American people are "angry". I've got to go watch the newsies wet themselves. Heh.

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