atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5374: I stopped listening to Limbaugh years ago.

I should have listened today, though. I bet it was epic.

Arse Technica sez "science-based policy" is "threatened" because apparently Donald Trump is too stupid to even science, bro. Lol.

It'd be lovely if these celebutards actually made good on their promises and left the US. They never do.

Hollywood is full of drama queens, so this is no surprise but they won't go, either.

Advice Goddess is horrified and I snicker.

A word of caution to leftist "protestors". Threatening the President's life is a felony. How typical for leftists: not getting their way, they then turn to violence.

The same people crying here would have been gloating insufferably had Hillary won so I do not feel at all guilty over expressing some semi-quiet satisfaction at Trump's victory. The pro-gloat comments there sum up my attitude perfectly: these people consider me a dull-witted, useless, evil neanderthal.

Democrats do not care about my rights as an American, they do not care about my opinion, they do not care about my ability to earn a living. They want to control my life, to control what I may say, think, eat, and do. They hate me, they hate my skin color, they hate my opinions, they hate my ideas.

It has nothing to do with respectful disagreement. It has nothing to do with the free exchange of ideas. It has nothing to do with public debate. It has nothing to do with freedom.

It has everything to do with Democrats taking and retaining power.

They dismiss me as stupid, evil, fascist, and crazy. They routinely attempt to defranchise me by swamping my vote in a sea of fake ones, and resist any and all attempts to bring honesty to elections. Every law they pass either seizes more of my money or my rights and makes it harder to make a living and survive, and they do it all solely to enrich and empower themselves.

Every time they win an election they lord it over us, telling us we have to follow them because "the people have spoken." Every time we win an election these hypocrites tell us we must now "reach out" to them because "we must be united".

So, yeah--not feeling guilty about gloating, at least a little. I'm tired of this horseshit. I'm sick of Democrats, and I'm sick of their Republican enablers.

And I am not alone, which is why Trump won.

* * *

Still, let's not get too full of ourselves. Sure, Trump won, but it doesn't mean Obamacare is over. Obamacare won't be repealed. Trump may try, but it won't happen, because too much of the D.C. apparatus likes it. (See above, "control".)

* * *

The usual squishy folks are saying, "Okay, now we have to be conciliatory," and I think Trump should be about as conciliatory as Barack "I won" Obama was.

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