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Dr. Strange is most assuredly worth seeing. I would have preferred to see it without the commentary from the black guy off to our left, though the post title (in reference to Strange's signature crimson cape, seen hovering in a glass display case) elicited much giggling from Mrs. Fungus, both during and well after the movie.

* * *

Speaking of comics, the three manga series that I'm trying to follow are KissxSis, Watamote, and Bakuon!. The first two hadn't updated for months, and finally did, but the latter has now been sitting at 29 chapters for quite a while.

Lately I've begun to have a hankering to watch some anime, though--old favorites like El Hazard and Tenchi Muyo! I don't have the time, but since I pretty much know them by heart isn't not actually a problem.

* * *

And speaking of which, I have things I have to do.

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