atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5376: The left is totally losing its {feces] over Trump's victory.

So: we are told that Trump won because of "uneducated white males". Do you know what that demographic is called when it votes Democrat?

"Blue collar workers," that's what. They're "blue collar workers"--respectable!--when they vote Democrat; but as soon as they vote Republican, they're "uneducated", meaning "no college degrees", which is lefty code for dumbasses.

Again, the left has one insult and one joke. Insult: "That guy is stupid!" Joke: "Hey, you know that one guy? Isn't he stupid?" It's all they have.

Word from California is that the Trump election has intensified that state's interest in secession. Good luck, assholes. Even if you seceded successfully, without US federal government funding your economy would crash and burn like the Hindenberg.

Reportedly, Hillary Clinton couldn't stop crying when she realized she wasn't going to win.

You know what? I just remember listening to WLUP with a friend of mine one day, when some other prominent female politician decided she was going to drop out of whatever race she was in. The announcement was all blubbery and teary, and I was waiting until the tape ended to mock it. As soon as the tape ended, the two guys on the show began mocking it exactly how I was going to, and my friend and I shared a belly laugh over the fact that we had both been about to do exactly that.

If you can't take losing an election, don't get into politics. What the fuck.

Ace weighs in on the phenomenon.
It's bad enough that progressives put this kind of irrational fear into their children, worse how they then wave their kid's wholly unnecessary trauma around like some sort of badge of honor.

"See? My kid is SCARED! Are you HAPPY, Trump voters?"

Eat shit and go fuck yourself simultaneously. Your child freaking out over a completely valid election result has nothing to do with me, with "hate", or with America being an awful place. No, it has everything to do with your own emotionally instability and terrible parenting.

This behavior you're describing is abnormally neurotic and wholly inflicted by YOU as a result of your spiritual emptiness, your need for a bit of drama to spice up this soft, meaningless life you're living, and your complete inability to control your shrieking hysterics in the face of even the most minor of setbacks.
Exactly. Exactly.

CEO of Grubhub tells any employee who doesn't agree with him to resign. Then he walks it back when the backlash becomes obvious.

As usual, the Democrats are freaking out over the electoral college, because--as usual--their candidate got a bare majority of votes, because their strongholds have high populations.

Black people, like celebrities, will never actually leave the US. But if they want to go, who are we to stop them? "For us, our promised land may be the land we were stolen from. Africa is on the rise and just may be the 'Trump' card in our deck. Let us be wise with these new cards we’ve been dealt." Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Go, and take this kind of horseshit with you.

"The land we were stolen from"? How old are you? Because slavery ended in the US in 1865, that would mean you'd have to be at least 151 years old to have been "stolen" from Africa. But sure, go back to Africa.


* * *

When Obama won in 2008, I don't recall the right losing its shit like this. It's always fun to watch when the GOP wins.

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