atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5379: Okay, Arrival is worth seeing

Mrs. Fungus wanted to see it, I was less enthusiastic until reading this review of it. Totally on impulse, we abandoned the errands we had today which were not time-critical, and went to see it.

We were not disappointed.

It's nice to go see an SF flick which tells an actual well-written SF story without resorting to fantasy or dumbing everything down.

Bonus points for the doofus who pulled out his cell phone and started diddling it partway through the movie. You paid $10 to sit in that seat, and you can diddle your phone any time. WTF.

More bonus points for the other guy sitting behind Mrs. Fungus and I who got up and told the guy to shut the phone off. It looked like a fight was going to break out. WTF squared.

* * *

As predicted here at the Fungus gravity is an emergent property of space-time and not a fundamental force. Woot.

* * *

No global warming for 18 years and counting.

* * *

His other plane is Air Force One. Technically "Air Force One" is a call sign; it stands for any aircraft which is conveying the President. Still, very funny.

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