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#5380: THREE MILLION illegal votes

Three million invalid votes means Hillary didn't get a majority, either.

And they were all Democrat. Democrats still insist that voter ID laws are "racist".

Exactly the same way the Democrats praised the electoral college system in 1992, this year they are wanting to eliminate it.

Meanwhile, these assholes are largely protesting how other people voted. In other words, they didn't vote, but they're mad that others didn't vote for them the way they wanted.

Look: if you don't vote, you don't have the right to be mad about the outcome. Choosing not to vote is a viable alternative if you don't like either candidate, but if you're going to get all butthurt and pissed off that your pick didn't win, and start rioting over it, maybe you should have gotten off your lazy ass on election day and VOTED FOR THE JERK. The outcome might have been more to your liking if you had.


* * *

Wow, this is just...pathetic.
When people told me they hated Hillary Clinton or (far worse) that they were "not fans," I wish I had said in no uncertain terms: "I love Hillary Clinton. I am in awe of her. I am set free by her. She will be the finest world leader our galaxy has ever seen."
It's not just the willfully blind adoration of the skunk Hillary Clinton; it's the delusions that she'd be a good leader which make me feel sorry for this brainless extrusion.

And that weiner's vote counts the same as yours. (Assuming he bothers to vote.)

* * *

The salient quote of this must-read Zman post is as follows:
Europe was not dragged into two wars by populist movements. It was dragged into two wars by the greed of its rulers.
It comes after about 60% of the article is read, and it's well worth getting to that point.

The sitting government of the US seems bound and determined to get into a war with Russia, for reasons I have yet to decipher other than RUSSIA MEAN! This same government went to Russia with the big red reset overcharge button, intending to send a message that everything would be better between the two countries because Obama was nice.

* * *

Now let's put a tax on food to save the planet. "Healthier, less environmentally damaging foods could be made more affordable," goes the lede, but that's not what would happen. What would happen is that food would simply get more expensive.

Most of the greenhouse gas emissions from food production is from livestock, so you know what that means, don't you? It means making meat more expensive. This is what they mean by "healthier". It's predicated on the utter horseshit that meat is bad for you:
Contrary to concerns that it would cause increased food prices and reductions in food availability, the authors find that it could result in lower obesity and other health benefits from reductions in red meat consumption. So the tax could benefit people with less income, who would be more likely to eat better diets.
So, no, this is stupid, and all it will do is make poor people less healthy as it forces them to substitute even more unhealthy carbohydrates for healthy fats. It'll make them more obese and more prone to diabetes.

But they're all ready to do it in the name of the environment! of course. It has nothing to do with controlling peoples' lives.

* * *

Watching Seinfeld makes a Trump supporter richer. I'm still not going to watch it any more; I stopped watching that show in the 1990s when it was in first run.

There was a comic strip once--Robotman, back before it was Monty--which showed Monty Montaghue sitting down and watching I Love Lucy, and laughing uproariously. Then he stopped laughing, and at the end of the strip he had turned off the TV and cracked open War and Peace.

This is how I feel about sitcoms.

I don't watch them any more. I have not deliberately watched a sitcom in twenty years. When I do watch a sitcom, I inevitably sit in front of the television with a blank expression, seeing and hearing nothing which can amuse me to the point of laughter, or even a smile.

They're not at all funny. There is nothing funny about them. The jokes, the situations, the canned laughter--none of it amuses, not even slightly, and watching those programs is a complete waste of time.

Why would I watch reruns of it?

* * *

Mrs. Fungus was on-call last night, but fortuitously the phone rang three times in the entire 9-hour period. Two calls came in after 9p. We went to bed at 1a and the phone remained silent until 5 AM. And when I woke up around 10, it was to a nice, quiet house and a nice, warm, comfortable bed. I got up long enough to hit the can and then deliberately laid back down and slept more.

That was for all the mornings I can't do that.

Originally they were predicting snow for Saturday (less than an inch) but now that's changed. I don't mind either way.

Gas finally ducked beneath $2 a gallon again, here in the Fungal Vale. Filled up the Jeep before errands yesterday, and my Shell rewards card tendered the usual $0.03 off, so I paid $1.97 a gallon instead of $2.00. ($1.969 and $1.999, respectively.) Go go President(elect) Trump!

(I know Trump has nothing to do with gas prices.)

As for me, I have a few chores to attend to today, so I guess I'd better get after them.

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