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#5381: Extremely busy, blog suffered.

I have not had time to sit at the computer since Wednesday. That is the long and the short of it.

With Thanksgiving coming, things are ramping up at work, and I fully expect to be living the sweatshop experience Fri-Sat-Sun. They are, after all, expecting us to make up the hours we get off on Thursday for the holiday. That means a hellish series of 14+ hour days for me.

Er, "posting will be light". *sigh*

Plus side: since Thanksgiving is an actual holiday, it should be a paid one, and then a full 45-hour week atop that should mean the lingering bills from the time we took off work due to Mrs. Fungus' illness in Sept-Oct will finally be dealt with. I am almost caught up on the electricity and gas bills, and Mrs. Fungus' car insurance will be paid only about a week late. We're getting there.

But that hellish weekend means that next Tuesday I will spend in bed, asleep, because holy crap. It can not be otherwise.

* * *

Progressives have absolutely no class, decorum, or respect. Plenty of people who were in that theater to see Hamilton who do not care about politics had their experience of the production ruined by the tantrums of a bunch of commie-lib bedwetters.

Gad, they're no better than children.

* * *

Today, finally, we have November.

The weather has been unseasonably warm. On Thursday night, as I was taking out the garbage, I realized I was standing in my driveway in shorts and a t-shirt, a week before Thanksgiving, looking up at Orion, and I was comfortable.

Friday it rained, and although it was warm when I went in to work I took my hoodie in with me, knowing it would be cooler when I came out at lunchtime: November plus unseasonably warm weather plus rain equals it's gonna get cold. And it did. At quitting time it was 33°, about thirty degrees cooler than it had been when I arrived.

Today its 39° and windy, and the overcast has just begun to break up as the sun begins setting. I've been getting by with hoodies, but in this kind of weather that's no longer enough. It may be time to break out the parka.

* * *

I am still thinking about The Arrival, because there was a line in the movie which made me think of something I would have written. It's why the aliens are there, though, so it'd be a massive spoiler for me to talk about it.

"In three thousand years, we will need humanity's help."

It's probably the most evocative line in the movie, and it really does make me wonder why?

This movie has turned out to be the kind of movie which gets better the more you think about it, which is extremely rare from Hollywood and virtually nonexistent when it comes to SF movies. (Especially in this era of making movies out of board games; I'm looking at you, Battleship.) Interstellar didn't even do this to me, and that one's enshrined as the exemplar of SF movie done correctly. That makes The Arrival a real keeper, and I'll have to get it on BluRay when it comes out.

Not bad for a film with a $50 million budget.

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