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#5384: From summer to winter, instantly

Friday the weather changed. We went from averaging in the 60s to the 30s in an afternoon.

This morning, got up at 7:30 AM to hit the can, and the grass was covered with frost.

Because it got so cold, obviously I could no longer continue to wear a hoodie. It was 24° last night, for example. I thought about getting the parka out, but didn't want to go to that extreme; then I remembered that I have another winter coat, bought at the same time as the parka, which isn't as heavy. I only stopped wearing it after the blizzard in Feb of '11; there's nothing wrong with it. (I'd thought to donate it to a coat drive. I still might.)

Anyway, now it's cold outside. Whee!

* * *

I like that Trump isn't going to accept any nonsense from the media. I've said it for years: a Republican President has no reason to be nice to the media, because they'll be hostile to him regardless. A strong Republican President, doubly so on all counts.

Francis Porretto on this subject.

The byword of the media used to be--is supposedly--"Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable." But that's not true now, if it ever was. Now it's a lot more hypocritical: "Comfort the afflicted (as long as they're Democrats) and afflict the comfortable (only if they're Republicans)." Over the past two decades, the leftward bias in the media has ceased to be hidden, and is now on open display.

The rise of the Internet and the alt-media helped considerably, by providing a channel for people to learn about the stories the media simply will not cover, because they don't match the narrative the media wishes to push. They can't suppress stories any longer; the most they can do is keep such information out of the hands of low information voters.

Anyway, it's damned nice to see a Republican who won't put up with nonsense. Who doesn't have to.

* * *

Something else that needs to happen a lot more often. A lawsuit against Exxon might just be politically motivated (gee, y'think?) and a federal judge issued an order that the attorneys general bringing the suit be deposed in order to determine their motivations.

(Bonus points: the article correctly pluralizes "attorney general" to "attorneys general", which happens so seldom these days that I actually had to stop and reread the first sentence, astonished that they got it right.)

* * *

Cold Fury is a font of good stuff.
Hey Democrats, want help to rally the country around Donald Trump? Here's a great idea: Have a crowd of wealthy, out-of-touch Manhattan liberals (who can afford $849 tickets to "Hamilton") boo Vice President-elect Mike Pence while the cast of the Broadway show lectures him on diversity.
The nice thing about all this is that the left really doesn't understand how bad this kind of thing makes them look. Whenever a leftist, erroneously thinking he's in a liberal echo chamber, lets his trash mouth run free, the result is almost always amusing.

The first time I ever experienced this was at an SF convention in Iowa City. Starship Troopers had come out earlier that year, and there was a panel on Heinlein. The discussion about Heinlein was rattling along rather nicely, with people making some interesting points, and it was really nice to be in a room with people who had read Heinlein as extensively as I had. Then some leftist female extrusion commented, "Heinlein was great in his early years, but later he became a nut. A nut!"

And an uncomfortable silence ensued.

The people in that room knew Heinlein, by study (like me) if nothing else, and knew that early in life he'd been Democrat and socialist, and moved rightward as he got older, until Starship Troopers resulted. And everyone in that room, during that silence--self included--was trying to think of something to say to refute the silly bint that wouldn't set off a self-righteous lefty explosion, and concluding that it was best simply to let her comment stand as a self-refutation.

After a few moments the moderator picked up the shards of the discussion, the extrusion's comment left to wither on the vine.

If (as Vox Day insists) the pendulum is really starting to swing the other way, there'll be lot more moments like that. Sometimes all you have to do is stay out of their way while they pummel themselves unconscious. Maybe eat some popcorn.

* * *

Read a story talking about what happened at Hillary's campaign headquarters on election night. Apparently, among other things, a "custom" 150 inch television was ruined when a $950,000 bottle of champagne was thrown into its screen.

Only someone like Hillary Clinton could destroy a million dollars worth of stuff in one temper tantrum. Thank God she didn't win the election. Could you imagine four years of that kind of infantile behavior?

That just stuns me: how is one bottle of fermented grape juice worth a million dollars? Does it contain water from the fountain of youth, enabling the imbiber to remain young? Does it cure all disease for those fortunate enough to sip it? Is it somehow the nectar of the gods themselves? Does it grant mysterious superpowers, enable universal consciousness, restore hair to one's bald pate, or bestow wisdom of the ages? Or is it just a bottle of fizzy wine?

Because if it's the latter, only an UTTER FOOL would pay $950,000 for it.

An utter fool with no fiscal discipline and no appreciation for the value of a dollar, someone who has never had to work for anything. An utter fool who should be nowhere near the levers of power.

Holy shit did we dodge a bullet on 11/8.

* * *

In that vein, then, I keep thinking about something that occurred to me last week: I have always thought that we needed a successful businessman to be President, because he'd be familiar with solving problems, leading, and fiscal discipline. Trump's not President yet, but already I'm starting to feel vindicated in my long-held opinion.

* * *

Meanwhile, the holidays kick off this week, and Mrs. Fungus and I are looking forward to them. But right now, today is a designated day of rest, with no errands, so I'm going to go back to bed for a couple more hours. Because I can.

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