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#5385: This is what I hate about driving games.

The video is about the Pentium D Extreme Edition, but the video is largely from some kind of driving game, and when I could not watch any longer (about 1 min 10 sec) I started this post.

See the way that car flops around? No car does this. Unless the car is fifteen years old and still has the original shock absorbers. Sometimes not even then. It's not "realistic" and it makes for crappy play.

Example: when I really get on the gas or the brakes in my Jeep, which is topheavy and has suspension technology which was state of the art in 1950, it lurches around maybe half as much as the light sedan with fully-independent suspension in the video. (I think it's a model of a Toyota Camry. Don't quote me.) On my way home from work, I can take all the exit ramps in my route at 62 MPH indicated, and usually do whenever possible because it keeps the Jeep out of the shimmy zone. The body doesn't lean like the car in the video. A typical four-door sedan (like my wife's car) has an even bigger performance envelope, and if I drove a car like that every day I bet I could drive home with the cruise on 70 and never have to slow down until I got to my turn off the highway in the Fungal Vale.

Even "simulators" do this, programs which claim they're trying to be extra-realistic. And this is why I don't like driving games. Carmageddon was the last one that really did a good job with vehicle physics, and they ruined that when they came out with Carmageddon II. Argh etc.

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