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#5386: Putting the press in their place.

Revisiting the "Trump dresses down the media" story because of the AoSHQ post linked here.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump releases his 100 day plan... on YouTube.

No press conference. No press release. Message to media: I don't need you.

The legacy media is still in denial about this election and even more so their newly diminished role in shaping opinion and influencing decision-making. They expect Trump to mend fences and kiss up to them in hopes of securing some semblance of fair coverage. And why wouldn't they? It's what Republicans have always done, despite the media's intensely dishonest partisanship.
But here's the thing: the President doesn't need the news media. And in fact, the more the mainstream media trashes him, the better the country likes him.

Trump understands that no matter what he does, the media will be hostile to him; they're not going to magically start treating him fairly just because he flatters them and gives them access. They'll still do hit pieces on him, and try their mightiest to bring him down, because he's not Hillary Clinton and he doesn't have a little (D) after his name.

So why accommodate them? Why be nice to them? Treat them the way you'd treat any glad-handing snake-in-the-grass; it's all they deserve.

As I said when I commented on this previously, it's about damned time we got a Republican President who understood and didn't care what the media thought of him.

* * *

What is this I can't even-- The picture is a nice counterpoint to the quote, though.

* * *

The entire Bee movie, starring Jerry Seinfeld, in a bit over seven minutes. The movie starts out playing at normal speed, but the speed increases every time someone says "bee". It takes perhaps two minutes before their speech becomes unintelligible, but the plot is generally understandable for a while after that. But once you get past that point, the exponential increase in speed becomes obvious. Most of the runtime of this video is getting to the "knee" of the exponential curve, and probably gets us about twenty minutes into the movie. After that, it's too fast to follow, and the entire remainder of the movie goes by in a literal flash.

Pretty neat. Silly, but neat.

* * *

Management is as communicative as always. I still don't know if I am required to make up the holiday, or if I have the choice not to. The communications coming down from on high all say things like, "I'm going to ask you" and "if you want to take advantage of the OT offer" and so on. What I want to know is, what consequences will I suffer if I don't?

I know what the deal is: they can't force us to make up for the holiday. T-day is a federal holiday, and they're letting us take it off--if they wanted us to work that day they could easily be open, but they're not, and we don't have the option to work that day.

But what they can do is find a non-obvious way to retaliate against people who don't do it. My direct questions to my supervisor have resulted in temporizing, so I have no idea if we're actually required to do it, or if we have a choice, and what consequences can result from choosing wrong.

Well, if I work some extra hours, it'll make some extra money, even if it hurts a bit. Maybe not make up the whole day, but some of it? We'll have to see. I don't want to kill myself for this job.

Could be worse, though, right?

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