atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5387: First world problem

Useless gits are suing Chipotle because a burrito had more calories than the sign said they did.

This is one of those lawsuits on par with the woman who burned herself with hot coffee from McDonald's. "One plaintiff, David Desmond, realized he had been duped when he felt “excessively full” after eating the burrito, according to the lawsuit."

I've been duped into eating a huge burrito! It ruined my diet! I thought that burrito would only be 300 calories! Now I'm going to be fat forever!

Get a life, clowns.

Chipotle is fast food, and fast food is not "health food". Okay? It's going to contain all kinds of things which are supposedly bad for you, according to health nazis, and if the picture accompanying the article is an accurate representation of how big that burrito is, it would have to be made out of celery and broccoli to only be 300 calories.

This isn't about anyone being "duped". This is about three chuckleheads hoping to get some money out of a large corporation.

* * *

Last night, instead of going to bed with Mrs. Fungus, I stayed up and banged out ten more pages for the new novel. I was up until 3 AM. Time well spent, but it meant only five hours of sleep before her alarm went off this morning.

Dreary November day today. Also, errand day, in six hours; I'm going to get a nap before the errands begin.

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