atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5393: Epic!

We'll start with how I woke up at 3 AM today.

Woke up as I was turning over in my sleep. Motion had dislodged a bubble in my stomach and it wanted to come up, bringing everything in front of it along for the ride; I thought, "Better not do that," and went back to sleep. Almost immediately, though, *blurp* and I was bolt upright in bed, coughing and choking on the worst episode of acid reflux I ever had in my life.

I went to the bathroom and drank some water, had some antacid, and drank some more water, but it felt like something was caught just north of my vocal cords, and suddenly I was on my knees in front of the toilet retching like there was no tomorrow.

I didn't throw up, though, and the heaves went away; eventually I realized everything had calmed down and went back to bed, the back of my throat burning; and in fact it's still feeling kind of raw.

Worst acid reflux ever. Epic.

* * *

Got to work on time today, despite the gastric nonsense, and when I got to the parking lot I found that mine was the fifth vehicle to drive in and park. When I logged into the system, at 8 AM on the dot, I saw that there were a total of nine reps logged in...and in the queue were waiting



Peak number of reps logged in today barely got above 40, but at least that horrifying queue dissipated plenty fast. Holy shit.

But at 8 AM we had a call load of 14.8 times unity. Epic.

* * *

So, in past years, we have been told that winter weather is something that keeps the Black Friday sales from going very well. This year, it's the warm weather that's causing poor sales. I mean, it can't possibly be due to the fact that we are mired in a great depression which started no later than 2009 or anything.

Economics. Epic.

* * *

The geniuses at Rolling Stone don't seem to understand that Trump won't be President until Jan 20, 2017, and so currently all these things that they are decrying are happening under Obama.

Elites think they are smarter than everyone, but they don't even understand how our government works. Epic.

* * *

Dinner on Thu, Fri, and Sat was turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. This is probably the best-tasting turkey I've ever cooked, and this time I made an entire pot of gravy, so we have had plenty. First time I cooked a turkey, I made enough gravy to fill the gravy boat one time; now I've finally learned how to make an approximate gallon of the stuff. (Couldn't find the gravy boat. WTF.)

Using Mom's roasting pan helped a ton, I think. I had plenty of juices, and didn't have to deglaze the pan to get them; furthermore this time I thought to separate out as much of the grease as I could, which led to a better quality of gravy.

The turkey, as always, came out looking like something from a gourmet show:

Everything we like, nothing we don't like. I'm not going to spend my day cooking crap neither of us will eat. Corn-on-the-cob? Why not?


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