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#539: Labor Day blather

...the socialist holiday, ya-hoo. I work tonight.

* * *

Last night I began copying Lovely Complex to DVD. I watched five episodes in a row, and they were just as funny the second time as they'd been the first time. I'll be doing another five later this week.

Mamotte Shugogetten is winding down. I got to episode 20 yesterday and there are only a few left. Although the one-dimensionalness of the characters has improved a bit, it's still not very entertaining. Entertaining enough that I can keep watching, though. And there's always the hope that Kaori gets some major screen time.


Episode 14 of Floral Magician Mary Bell concentrated on one of my least-favorite supporting characters, a fat kid named "Bongo". Bongo always hangs around with a skinny kid named "Tap", and a bratty little girl named Vivian.

Tap and Bongo are, I am pretty sure, future homosexuals. I base this solely on the fact that they both wear costumes rather than clothing; Tap looks like he's trying to be Casey Jones and Bongo has his own look. The other male characters wear normal clothing, so it's not just the character designers trying to make distinctive characters. It's more like Tap and Bongo plan to audition for spots in the Village People. When they grow up, Bongo will be the guy down the street, who works at a bank or a real estate office, who happens to be gay but doesn't make a big deal about it. Tap, however, will be the guy who moves to the Stonewall district of San Francisco and habitually wears leather chaps with thong underwear instead of actual pants.

In the episode about the flower fairies there was a big discussion about them, and naturally Tap, Bongo, and Vivian didn't believe in fairies. "Look at Tap and Bongo, for Christ's sake!" I said. (I made a lot of jokes like that during that episode.)

Anyway, episode 14 is about Bongo's Mother's Day present to his mother. He gets Mary Bell to make a red sports car so his mom can realize her childhood dream of "driving around the world" in one.

( do you drive "around the world" in a car? Assuming that the characters in Mary Bell are Japanese, how the hell would she even get off the island?)

The thing that really bothers me about this episode is that--if Bongo gets one--Tap will get one as well, and Tap annoys me more than Bongo does. He's not drawn like a kid. (Bongo is.) He's drawn like a chibi adult.

It's pretty clear that Tap, Bongo, and Vivian are there merely so that there can be "antagonists" who are about the ages of Ken and Yuuri, Mary Bell's friends. (If I understand correctly, and if the translation is right, Mary Bell herself is half a million years old. Talk about aging gracefully!) But Tap et al are not actually antagonistic in the sense that they try to thwart anything Mary Bell and friends do; their main function in the story is to provide kids who don't believe in fairies, magic, etc.

Mary Bell is a series in which nothing bad happens. It's episodic and there's no real conflict, and no real bad guys. The stories are about things which happen--some of which can get a bit scary, though not enough to scare young children, the target audience of the show--and how Mary Bell's magic helps solve the problems. But the problems are mainly kid-sized ones.

It's not bad, though. The opening theme is catchy, too.


I am really liking Umisho. I've seen through ep 5 now.

Potemayo is a keeper. Guchuko continues to be much cuter than Potemayo does, somehow, though I don't quite understand how. I think I want a Guchuko plush, too.

Even though I tend to like magical girl series, I am not enjoying Moetan all that much. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because the main character, Ink, is a 17-year-old girl who looks like she's maybe 10. (Her friend Remy, however, is teh hawt....)

Lucky Star is good. (And there is a very funny moment at the end of episode 8, one that would have made me miss what came next if it hadn't been in the end credits.)

And Love GetChu continues to be entertaining, as well.

...and I am eagerly awaiting ep 21 of Lovely Complex. Hurry up, KissSub!


I just learned that Kouji Ishii, who played Mr. Kimura in Azumanga Daioh, also did the voice for Mr. Fujisawa in El Hazard. Awesome.

* * *

I found out, over the weekend, that a local hardware store actually carries sheetmetal. (I should have guessed, of course, but I didn't even think about it.) Now I know where to go to buy what I need to repair my '86 Fiero's upper frame rails. Since I don't need all that much metal to make the repairs, what they have there should be both economical and convenient.

* * *

It's hard to believe that it's September now. Where did August go?

Already the weather is turning towards autumn. While the days are still warm, temperatures are now descending into the 60s at night. The air is less humid and doesn't retain the heat, and the days have shortened to about 13 hours of daylight now.

* * *

I saw the Pleades the other night. Autumn's on its way.

Interesting note: the Japanese call the Pleades "Subaru", which explains why the Subaru Motor Company logo has seven stars in it.

In my sort-of manga American Dawn, the main character, Asa, was once part of a girl gang called "The Seven Sisters". (That was in junior high school, at least three years before the story starts.)

* * *

What with everything that's been going on, the grass hasn't gotten cut recently, so yesterday I dug out the lawn more (the Awesome) long enough to hack back the front field yard. I'm wondering how bad the "east 40" will be--but there's no way it's getting done today, or tomorrow, or (probably) Wednesday, so it'll be even worse by the time it does get cut.

Oh well.

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