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#5395: I am struggling to understand why gas went up $0.46 overnight.

Over the entirety of the holiday weekend, the gas station I frequent had gas for $1.90 per gallon. By the time I got home yesterday, it had gone up to $2.36 a gallon.

After the holiday weekend was over. Nothing else has changed.

I struggle to understand.

* * *

Go to 3:07:

The dance of your people is strange. Go away.

* * *

Well, here we come to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, and it's time to make turkey stock.

We barely touched the dark meat on the bird, so I'm trying to decide how to proceed from here. Having previously cut the bird up, so that I have wings, legs, and thighs, I have two choices: pare meat off these pieces and save it for sandwiches etc, or toss everything into the stock pot and then save out the shreds as usual.

The latter is very easy, if a bit messy, and I end up with a very flavorful stock and an epic amount of turkey shreds, which are then useful for things like turkey salad. The former leaves me with less shreds and more sliced meat, but then I have the problem of how to use it, because oddly enough it's much easier to use up shreds than slices. And we're already a little tired of turkey. And shreds freeze better than slices do.

We got this turkey for 60% off the normal price--I think we paid about $14 for it--and given the chance to do it all over I think we'd have gone with a smaller bird even if Dad had come by for dinner. 23 lbs is too much for three people, let alone two, and going forward I'm going to keep that in mind. But I can deal with that.

Interesting problem to have: too much meat.

* * *

Last Gotham until January--actually not quite as good as some of the other eps thus far this season. But a few satisfying things happened.

For the entire season, just about, a "bad fanfic" development has been looming: Penguin is gay for the Riddler. Now, I don't have any real problem with this, because Penguin's sexuality (as far as I know) has never been the main theme of any Batman story, and even if it's a retcon, it's pretty harmless. For the purposes of this series, it seems fairly logical, even. At the reveal of Penguin's proclivity, I was afraid that Riddler was going to swing the same way, but that wasn't the case That's good, because that would have been far too much, anyway, and could have led to me no longer watching the show: whenever a TV series begins to focus on gay relationships, very soon they take over the entirety of the series and make it unwatchable.

Instead, however, Penguin's (thankfully) unrequited love for E. Nygma is driving conflict between the two characters, and that is also just fine.

But something else really, really interesting happened in the preview for the next ep, in January. And I predicted it more than a year ago.

Me: "Don't worry, he'll get better."
Mrs. Fungus: AAAAHHH HA HA HA HA HA!! Yeah!

* * *

Well, time to relax.

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